Friday, 4 July 2014

Project 365 - Day 59 : Six Course Thali!

Everybody gaat time for momos!
With sis at Dwarikas
Our apron

Day 59 : Six Course Thali!

Date: 28/06/2014

I had a lot of explaining to do…

It was 9AM, my phone was dead and I was on the complete opposite part of the city. This was so unlike me. Jatti dhilo bhayepani, jasto halat ma bhayepani, I always go home – even if its 4AM. Home is home lol. When I did make it home, my sister had already arrived and my boju went on and on about staying over and outside. As my phone slowly regained enough energy to turn on, I saw missed calls from the UK and plenty from the Kathmandu house. Lol. News travels fast aye!!

We wanted to make the day productive so after a quick wash-up, my sister and I headed off to meet our mama and maiju. A brief bhetghat and we were back home spending time with our aunties, cousins and boju. My sister is in Nepal after seven years… if I wasn’t in Nepal, she probably wouldn’t have come. Nepal can seem sooo far from the UK and it’s also pretty expensive. Actually, Nepal IS far. I wish the UK was where the Middle East is, it would be so much closer – time efficient and cost efficient too!

My sister enjoyed seeing all the big roads around the city and the countless malls dotted around Kathmandu’s busy streets. We bumped into a few people at Civil Mall. Before we got carried away it was off to Dwarikas for a welcome dinner hosted by our friend KG. We dined at Krishnarpan, six-course Newari food. The wall outside the restaurant had photos of various VIP guests including Selena Gomez and Demi Moore. Like OMGASSSSH. Haha. I felt fat by the end of it. Amazing food, flawless service and just a rich experience. Also pretty steep in pricing ; )

That was it for the day! As I went to sleep, I could still feel the alcohol in my body from the previous night. Shucks. Oh well.

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