Sunday, 20 July 2014

Project 365 - Day 80 : Day of Birthdays!

With ATM
The Kora Cycle Challenge route went through our neighbourhood
Birthday girl Numa taking a snap of her cake!

DAY 80 : Day of Birthdays! 

Date: 19/07/2014

I woke up early in the morning and headed out to BhatBhateni to buy some birthday presents for my little cousin. I am not a fan of birthdays… Even when I was young I wasn’t too keen on celebrating it. Lol I must sound like a total grinch right now. After receiving help from the didi there I picked up a few things…

Also met Bivit there to drop something.

With my boju and other cousin baini, we headed for Balaju! The food that our kanchi maiju served was delicious! Even though I had already had my first daal-bhat of the day, I was having a second round within two hours of the first plate. Damn. Heading for super healthy status here!!

I was already running late. I headed towards Lazimpat to meet Astha Tamang Maskey! I was looking forward to the meet very much. I’ve been following her since 2007/2008 – from the Myspace days! She was also the first person to be on Ek Chin with… interview on my blog when I was very new to all of this. Such a huge fan of her! She’s flying out to London tomorrow for her tour alongside Rohit Shakya and Naren Limbu. I am gutted that I’ll be missing out on the show. Hopefully she will perform in Kathmandu very soon! We talked for ages… I didn’t realise we’d talk that much as sometimes you meet people and it’s a challenge to hold a convo for a long period of time haha! I was running late now – I think I made my next appointment wait for about 40 minutes. I know. I hate me.

I rushed towards Thamel to meet XYZ! XYZ has been working with gender minorities for a while now. He wanted to know about my view on various things and we talked generally about the type of feedback, comments and likes that my posts receive when I do make shares about “equality”, “same-sex relationship” and more. The conversation touched many levels – from talking about the future, the constitution, the uncertainties and the possible penalization of same sex marriage in Nepal. Apparently, Nepal could be taking the same step as India and be heading towards a move where homosexual relation is criminalized. We also talked about how the transgender community has the overshadowed the LGBTI community. There’s a lot of misconception that a gay or a lesbian person will automatically dress up as a women. People are not aware that there are “masculine” gay men or “feminine” lesbian women. I guess the Nepali mainstream media haven't really given space where these topics can be promoted in the right manner.

Anyways, this can go on for long and the talk did go on for a long time! I was running late for dinner. Because I was in shorts and slippers – I rushed home to get changed. To look a little Lexy hahaha and then headed for Mezze in Durbar Marg.

I shared a cab with these two other guys who were heading for Kupondol. It was very kind of them to offer a ride when I had nearly got into another cab. By the way it can be quite a challenge to find cabs during the evening around my chowk. We were talking for few minutes and then a question “are you Lex Limbu”. For a second I was just like O.O Anyways the power of the internet eh! If you’re reading this, thanks for the lift!

Mezze – because it was Malvika Subbas birthday! 
Conversations poured all over the table! From talking about – well I shouldn’t share. Hahaha! We called it a night and headed home after the dinner and drinks!

Socialising can be super-tiring.

Project 365 - Day 79 : Visit to Kakani

With ze hyperactive fellow intern Samikshya!
Casually chilling at Irish Pub - with Suyash
Saw this near Ratna Park in the morning.

Project 365 – Day 79

Date: 18/07/2014

So my fellow interns were going on a field visit to Kakani today and I decided to tag along with them. I had to reach our office very early in the morning so we could set off on time and reach Kakani just in time for the meeting. The meeting consisted of figures from a certain insurance company, the team from our workplace and stakeholders of the community there. It was a platform to discuss regarding the future of the strawberry farmers and protecting their livelihood. Having read case-studies and reports about strawberry farmers (and more) for the past few days, it was nice to actually be in the place where they were farming strawberries.

It was also my very first visit to Kakani. I didn’t realise how close it was to Kathmandu. The air was so fresh. I was a bit surprised with the condition of the road though, very bumpy!

Once we were done in Kakani – we headed back for Kathmandu! By the time we reached Lainchour, it was pouring down with rain. Ke bhanne, when it doesn’t rain I complain about the heat and the dust and when it does rain, I complain about how you literally cannot walk around with all the mud, cars splashing you with water and your shoes just becoming soaked with all that water. Zzz!

I headed towards Durbar Marg to meet my cousin Prekshya who recently arrived from the UK. We went to dine at this Italian place in Thamel, La Dolce Vita after being recommended by a friend. It was pretty good. I was pretty hungry too. Preksh bumped into few of her friends at the restaurant and they invited her over for a drink at the Irish Pub. Now I had come straight after work and was carrying a camera bag, a bag and all so I wasn’t really keen on heading somewhere very Friday central but ke garne – we rolled along!

The place was packed but I liked the atmosphere there. I wouldn’t mind going there with a few friends. Made small talk with friends of Prekshya, they were nice.
After a drink or two – it was time to call it a night!


Project 365 - Day 78 : More Plans

DAY 78 : More Plans 

Date: 17/07/2014

On my first day at work I thought I was the only intern but I managed to meet two other interns here – it’s quite nice to know about their journey and their time here so far. Unfortunately their time here is finishing very soon.

After work I met up with Asish Syangden near the RVL Radio studio! He’s one of the most entertaining people online. The things he shares and writes can have one easily lose track of their time. We were catching up on few things and discussing potential ideas regarding IF I would fit in at RVL Radio. I am positive about the idea and definitely want to give it a go! However – time is the issue here so it’ll take time before anything happens. If that does go ahead then I guess it would be very – you know, films, music, models, inspiring things and wait for it – honesty! Even I don’t find myself being honest with quite a few of the things that I share or when I am giving compliments etc. It’s like I say “oh that was amazing, well done” with an expression like this -_- or just a fake smile.

I also believe that people know what they want to hear and to some extent, many are not okay with hearing honest constructive criticism. Quite saddening tbh. Like a friend shared, people are okay with mediocrity.

After the RVL talk I left to pick up my camera. I ate at this place with a really long name… and the name wasn’t memorable either. The food was nice! 

Project 365 - Day 77 : Ranting Away!

DAY 77 : Ranting Away! 

Date: 16/07/2014

Been struggling to keep up with things at the moment. We finally managed to get around to filming the very brief Tracing Nepal fundraiser video today! That too nearly didn’t happen as I was running late from work and the sun was slowly setting – meaning – we would have no light in the video! I wanted to film it outdoors so we needed sunlight somehow. Thankfully, we managed! And it was all over within few minutes.

After that Sakil, Bivit and I went to a cafĂ© and chilled for a while. We talked about how ridiculous it was that only thee airlines, Buddha, Yeti and Tara managed to renew their AOC – air operating certificate I think – and all the other airlines apparently didn’t renew it which means that they are barred from flying the Nepali skies. I am talking about the domestic airlines here. It’s like, how can you forget to renew something so important? It almost sounds fishy! You never know what goes on in these offices! Maybe they did renew but the "bodies" in charge ignored it for whatever reason… Maybe... just a thought. And we talked about how shit our Tribhuvan International Airport is… Just stating facts here. Sadly, the services, the airport and the people – never seem to improve either. Have you read how expensive the ground fees are at TIA? You just wonder why why why. No wonder some airlines have stopped flying to Kathmandu.

Anyways’ check out this photo of a red panda near the Bagmati Bridge in Thapathali!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Project 365 - Day 76 : The New Guy


DAY 76 : The New Guy

Date: 15/07/2014

Life has been busy and it’s better that way.
Today was my first day as an intern at “XYZ”. The office is located in Jhamsikhel of all the places. That road is littered with all these fancy places to eat and drink. I’ve only been to a few since I got here. I was the only intern there today… lunch time was a bit weird as everyone there was so much older and I guess interns like me come and go there so yeah… The lunch-times at my previous job was fun!! Time pass chahi hunthiyo guff sundai.

I was checking the wifi around here when I saw a familiar name! It was a WTF moment. I briefly studied at a certain school in Nepal back in 2004-2006 and that schools wifi appeared on my laptop. I had no idea that the school had relocated here.

Another amusing thing – I was told by a certain someone that somebody here knows me personally. I had no idea who. When the main boss arrived for lunch, the person who everybody else says ‘Sir’ to – he was this gentleman that I had met a few years ago in London. What a small world. A friend of mine and “Sir” were in London for a conference at that time ra tetibela another London based sathi and I took them around sight-seeing in London. And now, he is the main man, the big boss here. What a small world. I was just like ‘OH… Hello’.

After work I had a quick meet to sort out few Tracing Nepal bizwag! Then it was home time – just in time for the daily dose of daal-bhat.

I wonder how things are at my old work-place. I actually need to get in touch as I am still working there, you know’ part-time style… Oh so many things to juggle. #brainfry

Monday, 14 July 2014

Project 365 - Day 75 : Rainy Day

That Chinese place!
Sakil with his new store! #Congrats

DAY 75 : Rainy Day

Date: 14/07/2014

I won't label today as a bad day. It was just a little different from the days that I have had recently. After all, you cant expect to feel good and positive everyday. Sometimes things won't go to plans, you might have to compromise and maybe let off a little steam too. Thinking back on the day right now, I am actually pretty fine.

I was already having an  "Uh-Oh" is this really happening sorta moment at home... it was during my "enlightening" tempo yatra on my way to New Road that I realised "you know, it's okay... I'll be fine without - why am I giving myself unnecessary headache. I was becoming the root of my own suffering and it's good that I saw that before I let it go on and became blinded by it". Whatever happens - will happen.

Already slightly on the edge - I made my way to a store to pick up something that I was supposed to actually get yesterday. After making few calls the shop-keeper told me that it's not ready and to come back tomorrow. I got really annoyed. If that was going to be the case then he should have informed me on Day 1 that there was uncertainty regarding the pick-up time. After I reminded the gent regarding the time I had just wasted he informed me to call before I leave. Oh... okay. #Facepalm. So fucking annoyed. I walked to Thamel from there only to receive a call from Sakil telling me to meet him in Durbar Marg. I wasn't too pleased to hear that. But I just wanted to walk and keep on walking so I slowly made my way to Durbar Marg. 

It was during my walk from New Road to Thamel that I felt like I just had to write it all down. So I did! I wrote it and shared it on my Facebook public page. I felt a bit better. Normally I write things down and leave it as a note and a few hours later I look back at it and think - wow why did I make such a big deal. Today I wanted people to read it. I wanted people to know how valuable time is and how we actually should adopt a strict work discipline, be punctual and when you go and pay for things - shopkeers/waiters/service providers should provide that service that we have just paid for! It's frustrating to see some people have no respect for time or being prompt with communication. 

Sakil bought a store space just on the other end of Durbar Marg. Even though I wasn't too pleased about him informing me so late regarding the change of meeting point, I was very much looking forward to seeing the space... the very space that will be his next big thing! A twenty-two year old individual who has worked hard on his own terms, made a name out of himself and is actually one of the busiest persons I know has done this all by himself. No family links and all, just him and his own skills. I admire that and I was very happy and proud to see a new chapter in his life unfolding right there. 

We headed off to this Chinese restaurant in Thamel and I have to say, it was one of the best places I have been to so far in Kathmandu! It has got a cafe-like atmosphere which caters for backpackers so it's perfect if you want a quick bite and don't want to damage your wallet too. It reminded me of China Town but the food was better and the Nepali staff there could speak Chinese... er' I mean Mandarin or Cantonese. Because it's small and has people flowing in and out, we shared a table with another twenty-two year old French tourist. He had just returned from a 10 DAY vippasana retreat in Budhanilkantha. Though a brief conversation, we spoke about his life in France, how he's on a gap year and was in India, Thailand and Lao before he arrived in Nepal. I recommended a few places to hang out and visit in and around Kathmandu. We also spoke about the "expensive" fees that tourists have to pay even to just walk around Kathmandu Durbar Square and all. I could really relate with the guy as for back-packers, Nepal could come across a little expensive. And I know the other side of the argument is, Europeans earn a lot of money and stuff but when you're backpacking - every thing becomes expensive and you're trying your best to be minimal. 

Anyways that's that. 

I enjoyed the day! And tomorrow is new work! Will share more soon! Lexciting times ahead - I HOPE. Hahahaha!

PS. This was the photo I shared on Facebook and the caption.

I get super annoyed with how poor some of us are with time keeping. We talk about bringing entrepreneurs and creating jobs but when we as people are so crap with our punctuality and our discipline, I cant think beyond that. Many of us pretend as if we have unlimited free time here... And that time is just free. "Eh tapai ko kaam aaja bhayena, bholi aidinush" one of the most frustrating things to hear. Aaja kaam bhayena bhayena tara aaja tyo nabhayeko kaam le garera samaye matra gayo ra bholi pani etikai??? 

And when you go to eat in these fancy places they slap a fat "SERVICE CHARGE" and on the receiving end all that you receive is no way near a service that you just paid for. Lol, ke one has to always dress up in suits, polished shoes and nice dresses to deserve a service? Euta sadharan dress up garne manche ko paisa cha bhanera biswash chaina manche ko? Lool. Its like theres a growing trend of showing it all off and many seem too occupied by that. Ke ko lagi, ke thaha.

The only thing keeping me cool is this rain right now and walking through this old street. You might agree might disagree but lekhnai mann lagyo.. 

Project 365 - Day 74 : Finally Visiting Narayanhiti Palace Museum

With Anil Keshari Shah - Photo: Idea Studio
After visiting the museum (no cameras allowed inside/phones as well)

DAY 74 : Finally Visiting Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Date: 13/07/2014

So I finally visited the Narayahiti Palace Museum this afternoon! I was pretty impressed. Looked very olden days sorta royal!

I wasn't too keen on the bedroom where the King and Queen slept though. It wasn't that flashy just very plain. If you compare their room to the other rooms around the palace where foreign guests and heads of state were accommodated then it's just like nothing. Of course the interior and various things may look outdated and out of fashion now but we are living in 2014 now and the palace was made quite a long time ago. It definitely exudes the 70's/80's era! That's good enough. So many animal prints and stuffings though. Zzzz! I read somewhere that the Queen Mother actually still lives in one of the buildings inside the palace grounds... I wonder how she's doing and what her daily life is like. I'd love to watch her interview or something.

Anyways' after the visit to the museum with Muna and bhanjee, I went to the I HAVE AN IDEA event at Kamaladi. I was supposed to attend with SC but last minute cancellations followed so I was there by myself until I bumped into a few familiar faces and I just tagged along. Haha. I enjoyed the event overall - could've been shortened and of course some speakers came across better than others but that's that. The audience were good too! 

Then I went home.

PS. Read my blogpost on I HAVE AN IDEA over on!