Friday, 30 January 2015

Project 365 - Day 274 : Life Is Moving

DAY 274 : Life Is Moving

Date: 29/01/2015

What is life? I was told by Sadhana, "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans". I believe that is a popular quote by John Lennon. A week or so ago I thought that life is pointless... and to make a point, we live because we hope to do something significant. Well that's how I've been living... to make a point. Mood: pensive.

I love Thamel for it's energy. As I walk my way from Sanchayakosh bhawan and enter the narrow streets leading towards Mandala Street, I see people, cars, rickshaws; they're all moving and for a brief moment, I'm moving with them. Life is moving. In a lot of other chowks, malls and places, I find it a little too still. Sometimes "today" feels like yesterday. Too consistent. 

These thoughts aren't always there, even they have a time period. Just after I open my eyes and the hours before I close my eyes... and when you're thinking, there's no way out until you finally decide to choose what you're going to do and how you're going to think throughout the day. 

I plan a lot. From planning days to months, I've even a rough outline of the holidays I'll be taking till 2020. I guess I relate well with the quote above. Though I don't want to share fully, I confirmed something today. Something wonderful to look forward to in the summer. You see, I didn't want to "confirm" it but only by confirming it I realised, I'd push myself harder to work more, earn more, save more and be lexlimbu 2.0 if that makes sense. Sometimes even the shitty days will be good knowing I have something just around the corner. I know. It's a tough balance to be present right NOW and to be somewhere in the future. 

The day consisted of a morning meet at Red Panda Network office in Baluwatar, lunch with Nawal at Tukche followed by spending time at the caffice in Thamel. 

I started getting really hungry and all I wanted was a decent burger. After a quick TripAdvisor search, I stumbled upon Revolution Cafe. I had seen it yesterday evening and thought it looked really dead so I was pretty surprised to read good reviews on the web. Sadhana and I headed over for dinner. Whilst my burger was okay, Sadhana's sizzler was pretty delicious! Their happy hour offer and chilled ambience has made us want to go back tomorrow. 

Before I leave this post, I'll share a song that I really like. It was also featured in the film Boyhood.  

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Project 365 - Day 273 : Being A Better You

DAY 273 : Being A Better You

Date: 28/01/2015

I've signed myself up for a public speaking workshop. After sharing this piece of information to a few people, I received responses that ranged from... "do you have too much free time?", "but you yourself are a fine public speaker" to "it sounds worth attending". A little bemused to receive the first two responses... I believe I am an okay public speaker, maybe better than some people out there but the thing is, the woman who's conducting the work-shop clearly must have some winning traits for her to be leading this. Besides... an investment of Nrs 1000 for a five hour event is pretty fine by me. I want to go to listen, observe and pick out the things that works and apply it for myself. That is something I believe we should all do in every field we are. We can't be comfortable believing that we're okay/fine/good. Actors don't stop acting after they've received an Oscars/Best Actor award.

TBH twas quite a hassle to go all the way to the office to pay for the registration fee but it was lovely meeting an intern there who happened to be a reader and a supporter of lexlimbu. After that - the day consisted of meeting three different people, all planned meets and then as I was heading out of New Road on the way to Sundhara - I bumped into a friend. We decided to get a chicken roll and catch-up. Pretty soon the waiter surprised us with a bill, guess it was time to go! I bought the film American Sniper, have heard so much about it - totes looking forward to it. 

No tempo... so I got the micro home. I do enjoy the buzz around Kathmandu Mall and Sundhara. So vibrant. So Kathmandu.

Project 365 - Day 272 : Expectations v Reality

Pak Choi So Good!

DAY 272 : Expectations v Reality

Date: 27/01/2015

Being a crazy Jharana Bajracharya fan once upon a time, all I knew was - I wanted to meet her one day. We used to exchange e-mails long before she joined any social networking websites and I would express my interest in meeting her one day. Her response then would be quite hesitant. I remember her saying that meeting her may be a disappointment as she may not be as how I imagined her to be.

With profiles on social networking websites of people that we have never met in reality and public figures, we easily tend to create our own version of them and that is not our fault. Sometimes we get surprised by how easy going they are and sometimes, we get disappointed. Amusingly, I receive messages here and there asking for a meet-up by readers and supporters. I normally say "Kathmandu is a small city, we'll bump into each other. I walk everywhere". In all honesty, I'm not that great when it comes to meeting people one-to-one and holding a conversation. If it's work and I have to present myself or talk in front of hundreds of people, I can deliver but having to meet somebody knowing that they have a certain idea/expectation of you is very daunting. Meeting few supporters here and there, one to one, reminds me a lot about that e-mail that Jharana and I exchanged then.

Of course I never ask "what do you think of me?" but sometimes some individuals are very honest... "you're just like us" I was told. Phew. I believe I am... for some I heard I don't quite meet the online personality. True. I find it easier to express myself in words... in the virtual world. That's lexlimbu. 

Lol. I can't believe I wrote all that for 'todays' blog-post. It's very read between the lines kinda thing. Someone told me is a "consciously edited open diary". Haha! 
Very well put!! 

I went to watch BABY today, the Akshay Kumar film. It also has few scenes filmed in Nepal and the only thing that I have a question about is, they show a Jet Airways AIRBUS A380 landing in Kathmandu's TIA airport. Airbus A380 in TIA?? Lol. I enjoyed the film, then again I hardly have any expectations from films these days so I tend to kinda enjoy even the "not quite awesome" films.

I rounded the evening off by going to that Chinese Bhatti in Thamel for some veg and rice! If you're interested in checking it out for yourself then it's the one opposite Hotel Utse! Google Map haita! 

PS. I keep forgetting to eat like full meals so after only having french fries during the day, around 8PM I realised I was too hungry to function, I was shaking! Faaaccck! I remember once when that happened when I went to somebody's house for dinner, I nearly had to go up and ask them to serve the food f.a.s.t. Before you ask... I keep thinking I'm full.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Project 365 - Day 271 : In Darkness

DAY 271 : In Darkness

Date: 26/01/2015

Loadshedding seems to be at it's peak right now and it's finally getting in the way of things for me. I am either trying to work out the hours I need to avoid being at home or trying to figure out a way to make the battery last on my phone, laptop and DVD player. The few hours of power that we receive during the day is simply not enough to power the back-up inverter. Oh well. I guess the only way out of this is to be clever, work hard and be rich rich rich! Haha! I am sure the path to being rich is a lot more attainable than waiting around in hope that the government or the promises that they had thrown our way will be kept. The bottom-line; DIY.

Apart from leaving the premises to go pick up a newspaper, I stayed in pretty much all day. Jokes exchanged between the family member, Viber calls back home and surfing the internet kept me occupied. We're planning a trip to LA and Vegas later this year and I just finished creating a rough itinerary and a brief cost outline. I do believe we'll go this year. I cannot wait already. Just need to think how I will afford all of this... aatt garepachi huncha kya re!

In the darkness I watched WILD starring Reese Witherspoon. The film focuses on the journey of Cheryl Strayed as she goes hiking across The Pacific Crest Trail. It showcases the events in her life till the moment she decided to go on the hike, a tale of self-discovery! Discovering life I'd say! Twas a nice watch... more emphasis on Reese Witherspoon, fine acting by her.

Anyways' I've got a somewhat busy day tomorrow and it's 3.20AM now. Ugh. Let's hope I do wake up before 9AM tomorrow. See this is what happens... the power came back on around 12.23AM and had me like... do I go to sleep or do I stay awake? And if I do stay awake, how long do I stay awake for? Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

Ciao! Night!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Project 365 - Day 270 : Getting Work Done

Location map on a bus shelter.

DAY 270 : Getting Work Done

Date: 25/01/2015

This load-shedding is depressing and today is probably the worst day. No power from 9AM-4PM and from 7PM-11PM. WTF. The other thing is, even the inverter doesn't have enough power so the past few days has been a true case of dancing in the dark. Thankfully I can easily occupy myself with my phone, laptop and the DVD player. That too is pleasant only when the battery is full.

I wanted to avoid staying home so I left early to the caffice in Thamel where I was from 10.30AM till about 6PM in the evening. Quite a while, I know. I had two plates of momo there and on my way home I also had one plat of momo there. The latter took place nearby and it was a local place with delicious achar and momos.

The day, I believe, was productive. From uploading photos of Rara Lake to writing away for my intern work. I walked to New Road, mainly to buy some DVD's. Annoyingly I couldn't buy American Sniper! I hopped on a tempo and headed how....

Nowadays I really enjoy walking so I walked from the ring-road to my house... it takes about 25 minutes only.

Anyways' time for me to head out.

Project 365 - DAY 269 : Slow Saturday

DAY 269 : Slow Saturday

Date: 24/01/2015

I got a haircut in chowk. A quick trim, very much needed. I spent the whole day at home. I was trying to watch the James Franco film "Hart Crane" I think the name is... but after a bit the power of the portable payer went so... that was that. Shucks.

Load-shedding nowadays is so much. Even the inverter isn't able to provide power for the house. Shucks. Such is life. Hai.

Project 365 - Day 268 : Family Reunion

DAY 268 : Family Reunion

Date: 23/01/2015

My uncle arrived from Dubai today. Boju had been awaiting his arrival and literally counting down. Maiju and Poonam, my little cousin was also very excited. I'm not too sure when was the last time I met mama. It was nice to see an addition in the house and also for boju to meet her son. It's going to be a good time, especially with mum coming over soon... she'll get to meet her brother too. Very happy for my boju. She get's to meet her sons and daughters. Observing her makes me worried about my future and growing old... children, they all get occupied with life, their own family and at the end, we're all lonely.

Apart from mingling around the house I spent the whole day and night at home. I watched Inbetweeners 2 and We're The Millers yesterday and today I watched Boyhood. The first two are all-out comedy whilst Boyhood is a more serious drama.

I kind of felt the urge to go out tonight but leave it. Not feeling too amazing - health wise.Unfortunately my photo game has been so weak, so no photos from that.