Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Project 365 - Day 316 : Learning Never Stops

DAY 316 : Learning Never Stops

Date: 12/03/2015

Today has been busy focusing on me things... 

I've been wanting to learn Limbu language for a while now and I finally had a quick lesson today. Even if it's just a few words I'll be happy to have learned something rather than to just know 'Sewaro'. It was very confusing because I was constantly trying to think of the translation in Nepali and then in English. It was interesting.... like... after quite a while, I felt my brain was really working, was being pushed. Haha! I really hope to continue with a few more lessons but with my plans taking me in and out of Kathmandu, I am not too sure about how much I will actually learn and when my next lesson will be. Oh, the gent who taught me today was once jailed for three months because he was caught teaching the language to others in his village - during the old days - damn hai... kasto samaye'

After that - I slept - lol. And then rushed out to hand over the amount that we fundraised via GoFundMe for Sangita Magar and Sima Basnet, the bainis who were attacked with acid recently. I have wrote a lengthy blog-post on lexlimbu.com so I won't write any more here.

I headed off to a wedding! Sagar Prasai weds Laxmi Khanal! The reception took place in Battisutali. I am so happy for both of them and feel honoured that they extended the invitation to also include me in their celebration. Very thoughtful and kind. I've known Sagar since 2011 and he has grown onto become an amazing, inspiring individual who continues to prove that life is worth giving it your all, your 100%.

Oh and the very kind and generous Malvika and Riyaz dropped me off home. So kind no? 

Project 365 - Day 315 : Time Out With Rabindra Puri

DAY 315 : Time Out With Rabindra Puri

Date: 11/03/2015

Okay I can't write about today here. It requires a separate blog-post over on lexlimbu.com Thanks to Sujata Ghimire, a Facebook friend, now a friend, lol, I managed to spend the day with her, Lisa and the amazing Rabindra Puri dai. Dai is doing some amazing work and it was so wonderful of him to take out time from his busy schedule and show us around Namuna Ghar, Namuna Gau, various schools that his foundation has built, the vocational academy in Panauti and more!

I am so overwhelmed from what I got to see today. I also have beautiful photos. I will share, soon.

Thanks to Sujata for connecting us all together. Twas a wonderful day!

SO inspired.

Project 365 - Day 314 : Watching The Laramie Project in Kathmandu

DAY 314 : Watching The Laramie Project in Kathmandu

Date: 10/03/2015

Media, when used correctly, can raise so many questions... has the power to change one's thought, provoke, ignite and inspire. Today, I went along to watch The Laramie Project at the Theatre Village along with Shristi and Astik. The production documents a small town of Laramie and how people and the community dealt with the hate crime which took the life of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man. He was attacked because he was gay. Because he was different. His story may focus around his sexuality but closer to home and within our community, we read, hear and may have experienced hate crimes ourselves too. It could be our sex, class, caste, orientation, even the taste of music or the way we walk. 

When that happens, will you be silent or will you speak up?

Questions raised.

Project 365 - Day 313 : When You Share

DAY 313 : When You Share

Date: 09/03/2015

Been trying my best to keep up with driving lessons, visits to the gym and all the other' 

I went and met Jimmy Lama from HELP today at their office near Chabahil. I last met Jimmy at a charity dinner in London Euston few years ago. I was just starting out as a blogger... time has flown. Jimmy wanted to inform me about several different projects and campaigns that HELP are currently involved in. We've set up a tentative date for now... I will join the HELP team for a school bag distribution program in Helambu at the end of this month. We will also have a friend join us. 

It's nice right? When people/organisations, share and want you to see what they're up to. An opportunity for me to be inspired and also to see and meet active individuals. Also a great opportunity to discover a new territory.

Krishma's surprise birthday bash in the evening! The food was amazing! YUM!

Project 365 - Day 312 : Strolling Around Basantapur

DAY 312 : Strolling Around Basantapur

Date: 08/03/2015

A day well spent... today also happens to be International Women's Day. I finally caught up with Jharana Bajracharya, a pleasant time with her at a quaint cafe in Basantapur. That was followed by a quick video interview for Whatchado, an online story telling platform. We were joined by Sujata and Binod. Though brief, the time we spent together was nice.

Following on from that, Astik and Tinama came over and we shortly made our way to check out the Women in Concert happening few meters away in Basantapur Square. 

Oh we watched Fifty Shades of Grey... I don't know whether it was the censored DVD or what but I found the film a bit of a disappointment. I haven't read the book so I just jumped right in and watched it. Oh well. 

Project 365 - Day 311 : ......

DAY 311 : ......

Date: 07/03/2015

Project 365 - Day 310 : ...

DAY 310 : ...

Date: 06/03/2015