Sunday, 1 March 2015

Project 365 - Day 305 : Walking in the rain...

DAY 305 : Walking in the rain... 

Date: 01/03/2015

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!

Project 365 - Day 304 : The Crew

DAY 304 : The Crew

Date: 28/02/2015

After a really long time. Together. Minus Nikun lolz.

I also met MJ after four years! Woo!

Project 365 - Day 303 : Priyanka's Birthday!

DAY 303 : Priyanka's Birthday!

Date: 27/02/2015

Priyanka Karki's Birthday!

Project 365 - Day 302 : Meeting Tenzin

DAY 302 : Meeting Tenzin

Date: 26/02/2015

Meeting Tenzin, a school friend from KISC after six years.

Project 365 - Day 301 : Visiting Family!

DAY 301 : Visiting Family!

Date: 25/02/2015

Eating at somebody else's can be so good! Went to Poonam Boju's, again... yep! Food still wins!

The day progressed on with a meeting in Gahanapokhari followed by a quick trip to Sinamangal's KCM Hospital.

Project 365 - Day 300 : Heritage Kinda Day!

DAY 300 : Heritage Kinda Day!

Date: 24/02/2015

Nothing can beat a coffee in the morning next to Boudhanath Stupa! What a beautiful heritage site. The morning got even better with the company of Binod Shahi Ji and his friends from Dolpa who came to share their story with me. I will be writing about my new friends on the blog soon. Whilst I was around Boudha, I sent a quick text to Sherab, a long-time online friend and we met for coffee briefly too! I definitely love the power of the internet, makes this community so much more connected and you know, it helps :) It's not all bad in the online world. I remember chatting to Sherab and her friend Karma when they were studying in Switzerland and now they're in Canada! It's like we know each other but we don't.

Next up! Basantapur to attend the protest against the recent acid attack in Basantapur! After the protest, Rajshree and I made a quick exit to grab something to eat. Then I got a call from Shree dai. He asked if I wanted to go and see Sangita Magar, the main victim of the acid attack, I said Yes. We didn't get to see Sangita but we did meet her mother briefly. Hearing her, made me immensely sad.

I created an online GoFundMe page around midnight to support the medical costs for Sangita, the amount raised will also support Sima Basnet too... all the details are on the blog.

Project 365 - Day 299 : Meeting Sujata

DAY 299 : Meeting Sujata

Date: 23/02/2015

Meeting Sujata from Austria!