Friday, 20 February 2015

Project 365 - Day 295 : New Me?

DAY 295 : New Me? 

Date: 19/02/2015

Fact = 100 Days left in Nepal! 


I paid for a months gym today, hoping to start tomorrow! Lol pray for me! Let's hope I get the inspiration to get up, out of my house and go to the gym. I will soon start my driving lessons too. The place where I inquired said it will cost Nrs 11,000 for 20 one-hour driving sessions. I think that's pretty fine. It's amazing if I convert and compare to driving lessons in the UK! So yep! That should be something exciting for me to look forward to and I KNOW, FML what am I doing with my life, not even knowing how to drive. Shucks!

I caught up on few things at the caffice and went over to Grande Hospital to give NR some company. 

I've always wanted to own a Mini Cooper in the UK and I guess if I were to buy a car in Nepal then it would have to be the Suzuki SWIFT, it's like a frog but a cute frog. Of course one day a nice SUV/Range Rover but I'll wait for that.

Project 365 - Day 294 : Expensive Taxis

DAY 294 : Expensive Taxis

Date: 18/02/2015

I need a car and a driver. I really do! The amount of times I travel back and forth this city in a taxi is costing me an arm and a leg. I guess a motorbike or a scooter would be the more viable option but that would mean a bad hair day, everyday. Oh and a layer of dust on my face... that would comfortably hide my pimple marks though. You win, you lose. I shall have to manage something for the next time I come here.

I went all the way to Pulchowk to attend the media brief of the upcoming theatre production The Laramie Project at the UN House. The production seems to be turning out pretty well, they even acted out a short scene for those present in the morning. After a quick Q&A - which was more centred between two individuals, the event came to an end and Subina from Al Jazeera and I went for coffee. She's a wonderful lady, very confident, strong and knows what she's talking about. Very much "on point".

After the coffee, I walked over to Coffee and Cupcakes to just catch-up with Malvika! We had lunch there and it was nice to just chill and talk. 

I had received an invitation to attend The Storytellers event yesterday and I was looking forward to attending the event this afternoon, however I couldn't make it as I spent the rest of my afternoon at the Grande Hospital in Dhapasi. My friends brother has been there since yesterday and his girlfriend and I went over to give him company. Hospitals are an interesting place... can make you think about a lot of things, including your lifestyle and choices.

I left Grande at around 6.20PM and left for Durbar Marg to meet with Bivit. It was pretty much a 'bro-date', don't get any funky ideas but we met up to have dinner followed by drinks in Thamel. Then voila! Home Tyaaam!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Project 365 - Day 293 : Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

DAY 293 : Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Date: 17/02/2015


It has been two years since my friend Shruti passed away. Time has flown by but I can still vividly remember being woken up that cold morning in Sutton by my sister who told me that she heard from her friend that Shruti was no more. I woke up and told her to tell her friend to stop spreading shitty rumours. After a few phone calls, it was confirmed. It was true. Everything happened so fast from that point onwards. We were there at her family home hearing the funeral plans and then the day arrived just like that. I felt very disconnected to it all, it felt like we were gathering there to plan "an event" and she would be there, appearing soon. 

The weeks and months after that was a very difficult time; for us friends, for her family and the lives that she touched. I didn't know how to act, how to 'be'. There were so many questions by so many, I didn't have an answer. I only wrote about her passing away six months later. I remember a 'distant individual' asking me around the summer of 2013 how life was moving without a close friend... the person said "you look so fine and you're going out and about, don't you miss her?". It was a bit 'off' to hear that. We all deal differently and I know how I felt and how there were literally reminders of her presence everywhere that I went [in London]... whilst the person was only being kind and thoughtful, to me it felt very insensitive. 

Two years later, a lot has happened, life continues and we must continue living, sharing, planning and enjoying the moment. Her passing away has made me wonder a lot, question things, the purpose of being to the importance of achievements in life... She was an incredible person with so much love' so much enthusiasm... What can I say... and to be very honest with you, there are still fleeting moments when I'm in a beautiful place and I think of her and wonder how she never saw this beauty, from the beaches in Thailand to the green hills right here, the memory of my friend still brings tears in my eyes.

Project 365 - Day 292 : Loadshedding SUCKS

DAY 292 : Loadshedding SUCKS

Date: 16/02/2015

I seriously need to occupy myself on a Monday because

1. Load-shedding hours SUCKS on a Monday!
2. I don't even have a 9-5, Mon-Friday job but still Monday gives me real feels!
3. Those feels aren't nice at all.

I didn't have any plans to leave the house today and staying home made me wonder, made me question and made me think about the things that I don't have.

When the opportunity came to head over to New Road to pick up something, I jumped at the chance. Even though the day was already coming to an end, I dragged mum to New Road to receive something and then we strolled by Basantapur, had coffee at Java, walked through Makhan Tol before getting a cab home. 

It still sucked as we got home for the evening load-shedding which began at 8PM in the evening through till mid-night.


TBH. I think Monday sucks because of the stupid load-shedding schedule and the fact that our inverter has stopped working. Lol. 

Project 365 - Day 291 : Bijay Gautam Launch

DAY 291 : Bijay Gautam Launch

Date: 15/02/2015

Today was an event kinda day!

The launch of Bijay Gautam at The Old House in Durbar Marg followed by Roshan Mani Regmi's wedding in Tinkune! Whilst the Bijay Gautam launch was intimate and mellow, Roshan's wedding was vibrant, loud and colourful.

I also met Devy di' who I bumped into last night at OMG at Roshan's wedding! Phew! I had someone to talk to, or else I would've been "Billy No Mates" hahaha! What a term aye!

I finished the evening off by going to KFC and getting a bucket! #SweetLife #Zzzz

Project 365 - Day 290 : Just Another Saturday

DAY 290 : Just Another Saturday

Date: 14/02/2015

When I walked into the restaurant in Thamel, I didn't think I would be waiting for over an hour for my friends to arrive. Fortunately, I didn't care about waiting and I happily spent the time on Viber with Chandrika and eating and drinking away! Even after an hour, nobody showed up. There I was, looking better than most Friday and Saturday evenings, alone, by myself... I felt fine but I think the waiters around started wondering if I had become a serious case of Valentines disaster. I knew that wasn't the case... I just have busy friends, which is a great thing! They arrived eventually! Phew!

The restaurant was nice... but the screw-up in the bill didn't leave a nice impression. It was K-Too in Thamel. I'd like to go back again but herum... will space it out for a while.

Though we weren't expecting anything out of the night, the evening was a bit of a let-down as the music was just okay at the club and something just didn't feel right. Lol. We expected the club to be packed but it wasn't that busy so that was another hmmmm. 

Fortunately, the early morning cruise around Valley Homes in Chapagaun at 3AM was the highlight of this whole night. By the time I got home it was 5AM, tucked in bed... of course I told mum all about the evening, a special emphasis on Valley Homes! That housing community is lavish! Very Desperate Housewives'esque! I'd love to live there one day! Hopefully they'll have a better version of Valley Homes by the time I buy a property.


Project 365 - Day 289 : Mellow Friday The 13th

DAY 289 : Mellow Friday The 13th

Date: 13/02/2015

Today is Friday THE 13th! Dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

I attended a theatre production in Sarwanam Theatre in Kalikasthan titled Tri-Aayam. The hour-long production featured three short plays by three different women and it revolved around women and the challenges that they faced. I enjoyed how each of the women challenged themselves to create a play where they directed, acted and did everything themselves. I am sure there's a better term to describe this sort of performance, a solo act? You get it right? ... and I liked it how through this visual art they showcased challenges faced by women and that raised a nice question to the members of the audience in attendance.

The earlier part of the day was spent between Thamel and Patan, both planning and meetings. Damn. I really need a car at this rate... to take me back and forth and around this city! 

Early night in.