Sunday, 29 March 2015

Project 365 - Day 333 : The "Thikai Cha" Culture

DAY 333 : The "Thikai Cha" Culture

Date: 29/03/2015

How many times a day do you hear the words, "thikai cha". I've slowly started to dislike the saying as it does not help us at all. We're stuck with the average. By saying "thikai cha", we settle, we're okay with 50% and that results in everyone being fine with just being okay. Thikai chanta, espali esto bhai-halyo... 

I recently had to pick up some documents from an office. I had the day all planned, by 10.30AM, that would be picked up, payments made by 11.30AM and just like that the day and the meetings would go accordingly. Unfortunately, the documents were not ready. Was I informed... no. Malai thik lagena. Thanks to his inefficiency, I was more than an hour late for the next meeting - an important payment that I had to make. Furthermore, I ended up making another individual wait for 35 minutes after shifting the time of our meeting back twice. When I complained (the owner and then his staff, a young lady at the desk) I was complaining about their service - not personally attacking them. After I told the young lady at the desk that I wasn't happy about having to wait when I had informed I was on my way, she slowly sank in her seat and looked blue. I made it a point to inform her that I wasn't being mean to her, I just didn't appreciate it the waiting around. I made sure I said the same to her 'boss'.

I was to attend a shoot around midday... I was requested to be there at 12 noon. I got there at 12.10, called the person to ask where everyone was and then the person informed me that there may have been a slight case of mis-communication and that the person would call back. I managed to call the person before the call back and straight up informed that I would not be able to make it to the "new" shoot venue and that I was sorry to have put them in this situation but they put me in this situation so yah! The person is a lovely person who I have known for a little while but still, that wasn't going to bring out the "thikai cha". I hope the others don't deem my action as very selfish as I also want them to understand why I even did this in the first place. Even a message/reminder an hour before informing of the venue change would've been fine but to reach the venue and then be half-informed, I wasn't going to settle for that. I wouldn't and haven't worked with others like that and if somebody is requesting my time and proceeds in that manner, then I am happy to say, it's okay, I'm out.

I've had a few shoot experiences like that hence why I dislike shoots in general. It's not about "oh but you might miss a chance to be on the cover/mag" etc. because to me the more important thing is the way that everything is being conducted. We must be professional, precise and must value time. If you don't value time then fine but if I value time then atleast think about that.

That's my thought for today... Let's work efficiently, communicate well and be punctual. It's simple and saves a lot of time.

Project 365 - Day 332 : Family Time

DAY 332 : Family Time

Date: 28/03/2015

Day off at home with family'

PS. Cousin and bhanji from Pokhara are here!

Project 365 - Day 331 : Friday Feeling!

DAY 331 : Friday Feeling!

Date: 27/03/2015


TV appearance on NAMASTE alongside Sahana Bajracharya.

Dinner with the folks at Mahabir Pun Dai ko cafe aka Nepal Connection Cafe in Thamel.

Night Out with the Familiarzz!

Project 365 - Day 330 : Final Touches!

DAY 330 : Final Touches!

Date: 26/03/2015

Tracing Nepal '15 arrangements and then dinner with Durga and mum, drinks with Sakil.

Project 365 - Day 329 : Day Out in Helambu

DAY 329 : Day Out in Helambu

Date: 25/03/2015

A very long day, spent very well in Kotgaun in the Helambu area to assist the School in a bag distribution drive for Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership. Ishani Shrestha also came along for the event and it was great to have her on-board and to see how she interacted with the people at the event.

We stopped by Gunsa village and Melamchi.

Wrapped up the evening by having dinner at Flavours with the HELP Team, Jimmy, Anamika and Tshering.

Will write about today very soon.

Project 365 - Day 328 : Plan and Action

DAY 328 : Plan and Action

Date: 24/03/2015

The normal! Driving! Gym! Met up with Sahana Bajracharya after a really long time - will be on the show NAMASTE on Friday!


Project 365 - Day 327 : Back To Reality!

DAY 327 : Back To Reality! 

Date: 23/03/2015

Met up with Binod Shahi Newa to plan the Dolpa trip! Literally got so much to do!