Thursday, 28 August 2014

Project 365 - Day 119 : Love Hate Relationship

Astha on the go!
Me on the go!

DAY 119 : Love Hate Relationship

Date: 27/08/2014

I don’t mind travelling on a tempo but micro is just so annoying! Especially when the conductor wants three people to sit on the seat made for two. I am fine with most things here but the public transportation just sucks man. It super sucks! Wish somebody could bring a “revolution” in that department too. Ugh. Anyways’ I always tell myself “Save money Lex, don’t go on taxis, don’t do it” and next thing you know, I get on a taxi and pay something very silly. Joy. I quickly convert the amount to pounds to make myself feel better hahahaha! But when I know that it would’ve only cost Nrs 20 by micro/tempo then I’m back to “why the fuck did I get on the taxi” mode. Everyday battles with myself. Fun. Not.

I also dislike it when the taxi drivers ask me “kata, chowk mai ho”… it’s like – of course not, if I want to be dropped off on the main road then I would’ve simply taken a bus/micro/tempo! And I don’t think the taxi drivers realize that we are paying for their service… it’s like they always want to drop you off where it’s convenient to them. “Yahi drop garchu ni, tyaha gayo bhane one-way cha”. It’s like. Ani ma ke garnu?. I got a bit annoyed and told the taxi driver that if he doesn’t want to drop people where it’s convenient to them then maybe he should just drive a micro instead. I know it sounds very mean but it’s the truth!

Regardless of all this – I am grateful that we have taxis and good taxi drivers too because at the end of the night, that’s the only option I have when returning home.

Work was fine… reading, planning and re-sharing stories! Astha and me fancied pizza for lunch so we headed out to Roadhouse. It was so good! The last time I had Roadhouse Pizza was probably back in 2009 hmm! 

I headed off to meet PS at the usual spot. I had to wait a while so that was a bit, uhum! We were joined by Selina and then Sakil. Selina headed off to Shisha to meet some TN members while we went to the Chinese place to have some dinner. The Chinese place reminds me of that WONG-KEI bhanne eatery in China Town London so much! It’s small and quite busy - you’ll probably have to share the table with somebody else. We ate for three and the bill was only Nrs 800 something and it was so good! Such a bargain no?

After dinner, I dropped by to say Hello to the TN members at Shisha and we called it a night.


Project 365 - Day 118 : Always Have a Plan

Okay this is the only photo I have from today.

DAY 118 : Always Have a Plan

Date: 26/08/2014

Just another cas-day (casual day) at work! Oh and there’s a new intern here called Astha. It’s nice to have another bundle of fresh energy. We left work a little early today and I headed off to my usual spot in DM mainly to download Microsoft Office. After a day and few hours, I managed to reinstall MS Office! SUCCESS! Now I can continue writing the daily blog-posts here on

After that I met up with Suraj and we headed over to Cafereena for some food. The momo platter that they have there is pretty good! I think I must’ve been quite hungry too! We talked for ages, the usual; life, work, people, future and more. When the time came, I got on a cab and headed home.

I arrived in Nepal on May 1st and it’s August 26th today, it has been four months since I got here and looking back, I’ve worked with a Nepali organisation, completed Tracing Nepal and currently doing an internship with UNDP/MEDEP and also managed to squeeze in a few visits to Chitwan and also meet my relatives in Taplejung too. My time here has been productive so far and I hope to continue at this pace.

The internship here will probably come to an end around October end. Before that I will probably start working somewhere else, out of office hours and before this year ends I plan to join my cousin Lax and Lungma on a trip to somewhere super exciting! I don’t want to reveal the destination because – what if it doesn’t happen haha! And it’s quite a common destination so, no big deal as well. I believe I will stick to my 365 days here and probably make my way back to the UK around May 2015.

I have seen opportunities here but before I rush into it and do something I would like to go back to the UK and work for few years, gain more experience and save money before I come back to Nepal and completely throw myself into building something here. Hmm. Lots of thinking, planning and researching to do! I do want to be based in Nepal but I don’t want to struggle to survive. I want to make a living, work and be able to go on holidays, have the social life and also be able to continue working closely with different organisations and local communities. Starting up my own business is the goal for now… I don’t quite see it possible to work in other places/for someone and actually lead a comfortable life here. That’s my thought hai. I am sure there are many doing their own different things and leading a comfy life and well done to you for that.

Herum ke huncha… my life is so super planned. I was telling my TN team member that I’ve planned my holidays up until 2019. I’ve also wrote down how old I will be then and how much time I should take off and what I hope to be doing by that time in my life. To some, this might come across overwhelming but I’ve always planned and stuck by it. And my plan more or less has always worked out. The plan to come to Nepal for one year was penned down back in 2010 and here I am.


Project 365 - Day 117 : Reflecting!

DAY 117 : Reflecting!

Date: 25/08/2014

Back to work!

I’ve been looking forward to having a routine life again, you know, the Monday – Friday thing. Gives me at least some sort of structure. The work day went fine. I met up with Bijay afterwards for coffee and light food. We went to Falchha in Basantapur, it was pretty nice.

Thinking about Tracing Nepal, I am so relieved that we completed the sixteen day experience without a glitch. On August 2nd when we had the meet and greet in Thamel we came to learn about the Sunkoshi landslide. After that, things started really going pear shaped. More rain, more landslides, bridges becoming out of bounds and the purwanchal bandh was all there. Of course, it’s monsoon – I knew I had to prepare for this. But I was pretty confused as to what we could possibly do if the purwanchal bandha hadn’t been lifted. There were scores of people dying, vehicles blocking the highways and The Last Resort plan pretty much went straight outta the window too! Looking back now, I am surprised that we actually did what we set out to do and experienced everything midst all the uncertainties – from bato bigreko, landslides, following the itinerary and don’t forget the walking continuously in the rain to reach my gau.

I do miss the team, they were all so amusing! Their funny one-liners and comments. I heard that Soniya found the uphill walk to Sablakhu quite a challenge and said something along the lines of “yo Lex Limbu le hamilai kun chai gau lagnu atyo” with Chhimmi topping it off with “Lex ko family Darjeeling jadai thiyo hola tara thakera yo gau ma baseko basekai bhayo hola”. Rofl.

That feeling was amazing – to know that I just brought these 10 individuals who would probably never go to Sablakhu and they got to have a glimpse of the village. I am sure it’s a “first and last” visit but I told them I’ll build a nice big fort-like house one day with its own pool and all and bring them for a nice weekend stay. Hahaha! So maybe the pool might not happen but we do hope to build a nice house there. Maybe you, reading at home right now can visit one day too’

Anyways’ I’ve been feeling tired lately… heard one of our team members down with juga! I am having my juga ko dabai right now. Gonna call it a night now.


Project 365 - Day 116 : Busy Sunday

The manpower!
Ek Chin with PS.
With SC at the bhanchaghar
With Anjali Lama
Saying Bye to Jensun
Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, Irish Pub.

DAY 116 : Busy Sunday

Date: 24/08/2014

I am glad that the shoot didn’t go ahead to day as I was all over the place. I started off by meeting the Tracing Nepal team near the airport for lunch as we had planned to bid farewell to Jensun who flew back to USA today. Unfortunately I could only be there for a short while as I had to head over to two different places to pick something up. Now I have been told that when I write “to pick something up” it comes across a little shady. No funky business y’all. Hahah!

After that I headed out to Bansbari to meet my cousin at the manpower agency. He’s flying to the Middle East tomorrow for employment and only receiving his passport and papers today.

Once that was done I made my way to Irish Pub in Lazimpat. I had told SC to prepare ice and water for the ice bucket challenge. Now in the video, it may not look like there’s ice in the bucket but there was! Honest! Otherwise I would’ve done a water bucket thing at Park Village yesterday. We finished the ice-bucket challenge video within few minutes, I got changed and ready to meet Pemba! We’ve known each other online for many years now and though there wasn’t any specific reason behind the meet today, I just wanted to meet the person in reality instead of just you know, virtually. I wanted to match profile with a real personality.
PS was nearby and I quickly met him around the premises of Irish Pub.

Once Pemba headed out, Anjali Lama came over. I’ve met Anjali before but we’ve never really sat down and talked. To be honest I don’t really sit down and talk with many people. I don’t think I’m good at that. Anyways, we talked about her upcoming documentary and various other stuff.

SC and I headed out and before he dropped me off home we stopped by the Thakali Bhancha Ghar in Bansbari for some quick bites! I tried chhurpi chilly for the first time. It had such a weird taste. Hmm. I don’t think I’ll be jumping on that bandwagon straight-away.

Productive day! Wahay!

Project 365 - Day 115 : Swim Day at Park Village Resort

My bojus got too much swag!

DAY 115 : Swim Day at Park Village Resort

Date: 23/08/2014

I said Bye to the team and made my way out of the guest house in the morning. One thing I remember from this morning is having the strawberry milk from DDC near Lainchour! It was the perfect way to start off the morning. Before you assume, no I don’t have hangovers.
I headed home on a tempo where I freshened up and then went out to get a haircut from the local hajam (barber). Only 80 rupees! Such a bargain haha! After I showered and all, I waited for Sakil and then we headed to Park Village Resort. I wanted to do nothing today… just relax. Not even talk. I am tired of talking and “hanging out”. Bivit came over as we had planned to do the ice bucket challenge there. When I called the Park Village restaurant, the gent whom I spoke to - confidently guaranteed that there would be plenty of ice and when I got there and asked, he’s like No. I also asked around for a bucket and apparently the whole resort does not have a bucket. Lol. I was off it. Screw it.

We swam for a bit and I also met my cousin from the UK. There was no point spending more money at Park Village so we headed to Bhat-Bhateni to eat momos at House of Momos! Only Nrs 100 per plate! Always go for the affordable and good stuff! Yo expensive thau ma alik swang matra besi – khana bhane just average huncha bhaneko. Heri heri nai cha hai tara. We had two plates of momo each. It’s “dyam good, like dyam ki dyam” hahaha! After that we went to Kaldi for some refreshments. We bumped into Nepali actor Gaurav Pahari – he was in Manjari bhanne film. I got a photo with him. Why not eh!

We split directions and headed our own way.

I am supposed to be having a photo-shoot tomorrow but till now I have no idea regarding the time, wardrobe arrangements and the idea behind the shoot so I called it off. I was looking forward to it and had given them my dates a month back – oh well. Maybe we’ll do it again someday. I just don’t want to do something where I have no idea what I’ll be doing lol. Can’t be looking like one of those CyberSansar modaals you know.

Project 365 - Day 114 : Doing the maths

With fellow UK Nepali - Zac Rai

Bumped into Sunil Thapa at FCUBE
Our TN girls with Namrata Shrestha
With TANDAV duo!
Nearly seeing double?
With Swechhya!

DAY 114: Doing the maths.

Date: 22/08/2014

We all got up early this morning to catch the first show of TANDAV at FCUBE. Namrata and I had been planning this for a while now as I wanted her to also be there with the Tracing Nepal team. Laure aka Aasis Rana was also present at the first morning show of the gangster flick!

The film is not amazing but it makes an entertaining watch. I enjoyed the second half a lot and I wish we got more of second half – more scenes with Namrata, Alan and Laure together. The TN boys and girls were all gaga over Namrata and Laure… especially Namrata! It was a wonderful sight. Oh and we also bumped into Sunil Thapa at the screening – ofc we took photos! Haha!

After that I spent most of my day at a café sorting through some paper work and doing the maths behind Tracing Nepal. That was my day.

Evening – I was with Sakil and the Tracing Nepal team. It was an okay night. I bumped into quite a few of you at the club and managed to take photos too! Thanks for sharing : )

I spent the after-hours with the team at a hotel in Thamel. How convenient.

Project 365 - Day 113 : Zombie Mode

DAY 113 : Zombie Mode

Date: 21/08/2014


We finally managed to get S on the bus and on her way to Dharan. Thankfully this is a more legit bus service (Metro Deluxe) so once S gets to Lalgadh bridge (where the bridge is out of use), she will have to walk across with the rest of the passengers and just hop onto another Metro Deluxe bus that will drop her straight to Dharan. Pheww!

Kasto risuthcha bhaneko, that they can’t even mend that bloody bridge! Even when we were coming back from Birtamod it was just there and there were no “works” going on at all. Ugh.

Sakil and I met up for coffee and then we headed over to the Chinese place for some dinner. By the time we reached our usual hang out spot, we were also joined by Shristi, Astik and Sanjog. It was a calm evening with good conversation going around.

I was tired. I think the others were too. We called it a night and headed home.