Monday, 28 July 2014

Project 365 - Day 89 : Nepali Taxis Zzz

This was near the Bhat Bhateni in Patan. Love it.

DAY 89 : Nepali Taxis Zzz

Date: 28/07/2014

Monday Workday! 

My fellow intern is so entertaining. I will definitely miss her when she leaves by the end of this week. Hopefully there'll be a few new interns at work by the time I get back from Tracing Nepal. The commute to work in the morning wasn't so pleasant. It gets really hot and sunny around 8.30/9.30AM in the morning which basically creates a very sweaty environment on the tempo and micro's! It's suffocating at times but I made the decision not to buy a scooter/bike so I just gotta put up with it. Besides, paying Nrs 40 all together to get from one side of the city to the other - I cannot complain. However, I do believe that Kathmandu needs better quality/standard of public transport - maybe premium buses or something? Charge more, for sure but provide a better service too. Don't cram 3 people in the seat for 2 etc.

Apart from work and all that, I headed out to Cafe Swotha in Patan to meet Subina Shrestha. She's the Nepal correspondent for Al Jazeera and has a pretty amazing body of work. I've been seeing her videos here and there since 2010 so it was lovely to finally sit down and get to know the person briefly. As our convo went on for quite a bit, we shifted to her house later on - her house is so beautiful! Very cute family too! I can't wait to build my own house... it'll be outrageous. Will just have to work hard and earn a lot muaharrrha!

As I was leaving Patan I decided to give Jenish a call to see if he was back in Kathmandu. He was. We briefly met for about ten minutes and then I hopped on a taxi and headed home. Oh wait. The taxi driver decided to add a couple on the same vehicle. I was pretty annoyed and told him not to but he wasn't listening. Anyways when I got to my chowk I basically explained to him that what he did was not cool therefore he won't receive a full payment from me so I paid only Nrs 400 to get from Patan to my side of the city - which is great. Now thinking back I'm like why did I react that way but it really pissed me off when the driver said, "eti paisa ma kina tapai esto garnu huncha, hamilai kasto garho huncha, petrol ko rate badeko cha etc" and I was just like "k yo hazaar rupiya mero haat ma chahi udera ayeko cha? Tapai matra kaam garnu huncha jasto lagcha? Basi basi paisa hamro goji ma ta audaina ni" I think that did it and he didn't argue anymore. Honestly I find it such a chore to get along with taxi drivers. The whole, jane ho, kati, kati diney, milamna and all. Wish somebody just introduced a whole new rule and uniform set price.

Lol anyways I got home. Peace out.

Project 365 - Day 88 : Killing My Feelings

PS busy on his iPad. 
Selfie at the stationary wholesale office
Sample goodies
With Jimmy

DAY 88 : Killing My Feelings

Date: 27/07/2014

The day started off a little late today. I made my way to Sundhara to pick up something and after that I went to the stationary wholesale store to sort out the things we would take for the students of Singhadebi School. Oh yeah, Tracing Nepal fundraiser - please do support in any way that you can. Share the link for us or just drop a contribution ha! Moving on... after the stationary bizwag I made my way to Thamel to drop by The Last Resort office. Just before I reached the TLR office I stopped by Cafe Mitra to say Hello to Kunal. His dog is one of the cleanest dogs in Kathmandu - I think. Don't quote me on that though. Lol.

After TLR, I dropped by the cafe that I was at yesterday to catch up on some blog stuff. I am doing very very very bad at messages, emails and blogging on I do have time but I just am not too keen on it that much... I also think its because of the internet connection too. I need to sit down and go through all my messages and mails one day, pheri I am everywhere... from email to Facebook page messages to the two inboxes on a Facebook profile. It does get heavy. And everyone shares something new/amazing/interesting - so it takes quite some time to check it, read it, research it and then put it out on the blog post.

I met up with PS for dinner and drinks. It was a "bro-date". We were at this place and I was just looking around to see the people at the place when I saw Bhushan. Bhushan is a friend from the UK and it felt so good to see him there. I knew he was going to be in Nepal but I wasn't expecting to bump into him on the very day of his arrival. Ahh. Talking to PS was nice. He's at that time where his whole future is ahead of him. I told him to not waste time and stay idle, try to go out to study abroad asap - staying in Kathmandu and doing nothing can be very unhealthy for you. Hopefully he'll go soon lool. I told him to work when he's abroad so he goes through the whole, earning your own money feeling - it's amazing to do that. Guff went on for ages. And I have work tomorrow awks!

My Facebook status today: I had feelings. And I killed it.

PS. Regardless of the status - I am fantastic because life's too short to be sad. 

Project 365 - Day 87 : Food Food Food

DAY 87 : Food Food Food

Date: 26/07/2014

Okay I didn't take a photo today because the battery on my phone was nearing 0% and next thing you know, my charger wasn't working. Oh iPhone chargers/USB connectors - you don't fail me in consistently disappointing me. There wasn't much taking place apart from meeting Bivit at this cafe and we spent few hours talking about Tracing Nepal and what was going to happen regarding the filming! We plan to capture the 16 day experience in a very documentary reality style manner. Let's see how it goes. Bivit is learning and I am sure he'll produce something visually appealing by the end of this year. 

After the lengthy chat we headed over to Royal Penguin to try out their burger. The place was quirky and bright. I didn't realise there were two Royal Penguin's, we went to Royal Penguin 2 and ate there. To be honest I found the burger just okay... oh there's this fairly new group on Facebook called Nepalese Burger Appreciation Society and it's pretty fun to read about peoples burger experiences and seeing photos of their burgers. Lol. It will probably sound lame to some but when I discovered the group I thought it was like the coolest thing ever. Talking about food, I do miss Nandos, Mcdonalds, TGIF, Chinese spare ribs and so much more. *time to weep*. Oh and Dominos pizza! And those really bad unhealthy chicken and chips. *crying my eyes out*


Project 365 - Day 86 : Exploring Patan

Umesh Shah
Persistent Fly
Damn good lunch. 
Glorious Patan

Day 86 : Exploring Patan

Date: 25/07/2014

Today is my eldest sisters birthday! Happy Birthday Kopila! It's also the birthday of my friend who I've shared many fun moments with. Makes me miss the moments from the past. Moving on.

Friday and it's back to work! The lunch that the didi served today was really nice. I need to calm down with food because all that slurping got my shirt pretty messy. Seto shirt now has nice masala marks. Joy. Washing it should be quite a sport! In general, I need to slow down when I eat my food... sometimes I finish my food even before the last person is served his/her portion. I think I get this trait from my mother - she's a very, jahile pani attaliney manche, hattar garne bani - so ma ni thyakkai testai chu... attaliney, hattar garney, rushing... I tend to walk fast as if I'm always in a rush as well loool and when I encounter people walking sooooo relaxed tarika le, I just get offended LOL. It's worse in the UK - like you know when you're on the tube or walking in central London and there are so many tourists just walking in their own leisurely pace. Lol I do walk slowly sometimes hahahaha. When I do, I worry about me slowing somebody else lol.

After work I met SM in Patan and we headed out to the Park Gallery in Pulchowk to see an exhibition by Umesh Shah. Visually delightful! We walked through Patan Durbar Square and stopped by a cafe for coffee and snacks. The fruit salad that SM had ordered was under constant attack by this very atteri fly! It didn't fear humans. It stayed there eating the mango. Kasto badmash, just like the dogs around Kathmandu - gadi le kilchinu aatda pani they stay there sleeping on the road or just staring and walking, giving baal to everyone.

It started to get dark... I got the tempo home. Always a relief to get the last tempo's and pay a total of max 40 Rupees to get to the other side of Kathmandu or else you may very well end up paying 450/500 Rupees. Shucks.

Project 365 - Day 85 : Plantation Time

Made a new friend, Karuna from TGIF/THT
Ed from Singapore, reppin Nepali Times!
Oh Hi Nepalgunj Airport. 
At the plantation site, wearing the same tshirt for the second day #WhyNot
Ed showing us his unique skill. #GiftedBro

DAY 85 : Plantation Time

Date: 24/07/2014

Today was the day of plantation. We all met for breakfast at 7AM in the morning and shortly after, we made our way to a community forest nearby which was the site of the plantation. The weather looked gloomy and we experienced a light drizzle but nothing more than that. Thank goodness.

The plantation event saw the attendance of the assistant CDO, various stakeholders of the area, reps from Yeti Airlines, Raaika Tours and more. After the formal bit was done and over with, everyone grabbed a plant sapling each and we headed towards the forest area to plant the saplings. Oh there were college students present too! It was pretty nice to see so many people. 

Once the plantation was over and done with, we were driven back to the hotel where we checked out and made our way to an eatery next to Om Trade Centre. Nepali thaali each for everyone, it was so good! After lunch, us lot who came from Kathmandu got on a jeep and headed towards Nepalgunj. There were no Yeti flights from Dhangadi today so we had to drive to the nearest airport. The drive from Dhangadhi to Nepalgunj was very tight LOL. I couldn't feel my butt at some parts because we were packed like sardines. It was really nice to drive through/near the Bardia National Park boundary and see a short glimpse of Nepalgunj. We also had a photo opp at the Karnali Bridge! I never thought I'd have the chance to go to those places and see it but I did and I am so grateful and happy! I just love travelling and seeing new places even if that place doesnt really have anything touristy. It's just nice to discover somewhere new.

We had just under an hour to kill at the airport in Nepalgunj. The flight was smooth and next thing you know, we landed in Kathmandu. The weather was nice here. I think it had been raining earlier on in the day. I didn't want to go home straightaway so I met up with Subodh and Aasha at The Bakery Cafe. Yummy momos. Damn, by the end of this year I am going to be obese man. We chatted for a bit and then I headed home around dinner time.

Project 365 - Day 84 : Flying to Dhangadhi

Dhangadhi Airport looks pretty nice!
With the Yeti man - Roshan.
Oh the classic Yeti peanuts
Yeti's version of a duty free! Their own Flight Shop!

DAY 84 : Flying to Dhangadhi

Date: 23/07/2014

I woke up early and went to Bhat-Bhateni to buy presents for my cousin in the morning. She turns 13 today. After BB, I rushed off to European Bakery in Baluwater to pick up the birthday cake that I had ordered. I do love Nepal because it's so convenient. You want to order something or buy something, just give them a call and they'll do it for you. Unlike in the UK, you don't need to order like 3-5 days in advance and all.

I tried get cash out with my UK bank card but it didn't work. Lol. So screwed!

Anyways' I headed back home and dropped everything off, got ready - had my daal-bhat fix and left for the airport. Oh the airport. Doesn't seem like much has changed to be honest. I used to be such a regular at the KTM domestic airport between 2004-2006, jetting back and forth Kathmandu to Pokhara (parents lived in Pokhara then). We flew on the Yeti aircraft with the new livery, one good looking plane I tell you. Can you believe that the flight took us 70 minutes - that's like the longest destination within Nepal. You can nearly reach Delhi in that amount of time haha! 

Anyways' as soon as we landed in Dhangadhi - we were off to visit plantation sites from the past. Oh I don't know if you have read it or seen it but I've blogged about the whole Yeti Airlines and RAAIKA Tours plantation program over on and shared photos on Facebook too! So less on the deets here haita!

While I was on the road I saw that the MARY KOM trailer was released online. I am so thankful to NCELL 3G lol, I managed to watch the trailer there whilst we were being driven to some other community forest. I also managed to do a quick share of the Priyanka Chopra and Sunil Thapa photo! I really cannot wait for the film. After visiting about four sites, we were finally taken to the hotel! I was pretty impressed with Hotel Devotee! Nice AC rooms, all neat and clean too! The food was great! 

So thankful to Yeti Airlines and RAAIKA Tours for the opportunity and extending the invitation. Oh there were other people too, from other national dailies and so on. 

Project 365 - Day 83 : Wasting a Day

DAY 83 : Wasting a Day

Date: 22/07/2014

I rushed to finish a few things at work knowing I'd be out for the next two days. 

I was to go to a few places after work today and tomorrow, for Tracing Nepal - to sort out bags and school stationary items for the students but now with the Yeti Airlines CSR trip happening - I am losing out on time. I had to go and pick up my camera from Bivit as I needed it for Dhangadhi. 

Even though I know I have a 1000 things to be getting on with, I ended up doing nothing! Lol. We just chilled and did nothing. It was so fun. To just blabber and feel like there's nothing to tend to. But tehi ho... you don't do it now = you'll have more to do later.

Joy. It's always difficult to apply your own advice in your own life, right?

We were joined by a grumpy Sakil for dinner haha! His ride came 45 mins late. Haha! 

That's it.