Saturday, 13 September 2014

Project 365 - Day 132 : Image

DAY 132 : Image

Date: 09/09/2014

Today was quite a busy day – just how I like it!

I started the morning off at the Movers and Shakers office… for those who are not aware of M&S, it is a Friday supplement for The Kathmandu Post. It’s fairly new and has quite an energetic young team! The editor of M&S Samriddhi Rai and I had been talking about me being on M&S for quite a while now but I was just waiting for the right time. We delayed a date or two but we finally managed to get it done this morning. Hopefully you guys will get to see and read the interview next week on Friday (19th Sept*). There were a few ideas here and there for the photo-shoot but I got my way in the end. I didn’t want a whole studio scene and for me to look all polished and smart, apart from going to work or meeting certain people here and there, I am normally always in my casuals. I wanted the photo to represent the person I am to people I meet on the streets. That also meant make-up had to be minimal. Let’s see how the finish product comes out. I will see it on the same day as you guys haha!

I also met Saunak Bhatta and Kshitij Raj Lohani at the shoot… they were there for something else, something you guys will see very soon though. If you aren’t aware of the two names and have time to google then please go ahead, they are two young adults to look out for. I’m not too sure but I prefer to use young adults instead of youth. Hmm.

After we wrapped up the shoot we headed over to Dalle to grab some quick lunch followed by helping Sakil out at his upcoming store. Things are coming into place, the lights, mirrors and all – it must be quite an exciting time for Mr Sakil! Lol.

I left his store and met up with the remaining Tracing Nepal team members at Rising Mall to watch Mary Kom. Yep, I’ve already seen it but Hey, it’s a good film and Priyanka Chopra is a PLUS. It’s also Tuesday – which is Q’s Day = Nrs 200 only. BUT I don’t think I’ll be going back there again (never say never) as I found it very annoying how the cinema staff kept coming inside the screen when the movie was being played and offering food to buy and then the customers and the staff would discuss the change money etc. I understand it’s about providing exceptional service and cinematic experience but please also realise that some people really want to come for the film and be transported into that world – the time before the film starts and during the interval should be for purchasing food and refreshments. On that note, I should actually call or message them and just give them a polite feedback rather than just writing about it here.

I like the fact that Mary Kom the biopic has been made whilst the boxer is still alive! A lot of the times in life and in popular culture/media etc – we tend to only make such films/tributes once the person passes away. I am sure it’s such an honour, encouragement and inspiration for Mary Kom to see a film that has been made on and about her. Encouragement to do more and continue the sport too!

We wrapped up the day by having dinner at MEZZE in Durbar Marg. Not too sure why but I am just loving pizza these days. Maybe because I kinda miss the greasy Domino pizzas. Hmm.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Project 365 - Day 131 : Indra Jatra 2014 Fun!!

Anmol and Susan

With Ishani,

DAY 131 : Indra Jatra Fun!!

Date: 08/09/2014

I got up and got all ready to go to work this morning and then I found out that it was Indra Jatra today after seeing my cousins at home instead of attending their early morning college classes. I called up a few people and text a few and then found out that it was a day off for us! Woop! But before that I had to quickly change something. I told someone that I’d be okay for a meeting around 11AM this morning… Thankfully it was possible to do that over the phone so I didn’t have to go all the way to Jhamsikhel or Pulchowk. Phew!

I was planning to fly to Pokhara on the 19th and spend the weekend in the lake city, however the phone convo changed the plans. Such a relief that I haven’t bought my tickets yet. I’ve a few things I need to be here for. Let’s see when Pokhara will happen. After I sorted the dates out I headed out to my usual spot. Before that I stopped by Thamel to drop some stuff. 

I was literally holed up in the café from 11.30AM to 5.40PM today. I should make the staff there a new song playlist as I listened to Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music” atleast a few times and “Smack That” by Akon was another popular track! I met Subigya around 12.50PM. He reached out via Facebook/e-mail asking to work on videos for Tracing Nepal – why not eh. I like the idea that he brought forward. Let’s see how that goes. 

PS came to BREW out of nowhere so we bumped into each other there and he stuck around for quite a bit. Bivit came later to pick up the external HD so he could get started on the Tracing Nepal videos. 

I had carried my camera today and desperately wanted to head over to Basantapur Durbar Square to see the crowd, Indra Jatra festive spirit and the Kumari too. I walked through Ason to reach Basantapur and also bumped into few of you along the way. If you’re reading this then do send your photos in and thank you for stopping by and saying Hello! I appreciate it. I was sat near a mandir just using my phone when I saw former Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha. We had a brief chat there. She looked beautiful. Very elegant. I headed over to Java and met up with Anmol and then we eventually met Susan. Oh I also bumped into Binod Shahi Newa – Sir of the Himalayas. See, I like meeting people naturally like this. On the road… on the tempo… in clubs… just feels more real. We’re planning to meet before he heads back to Dolpa! He’s a figure who I admire and I hope there will be an opportunity for us to work together in the future. The atmosphere was amazing! I was so glad that I made the decision to come over and witness all of this. We bumped into Ishani again and we took some photos there. Susan, Anmol and I ran after the Lakhey and the Kumari chariot. We just hoped that none of us would trip and fall as that would just be very very unfortunate. We’d probably be trampled by the thousands of people that were there tonight. 
I had a very embarrassing moment when I nearly fell after hearing this really really loud noise. It felt like a scene right out of Tom & Jerry. Oh shame on me! We headed out and stopped by Vishram Café for some snacks and refreshments before calling it a night! 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Project 365 - Day 130 : Scary Statistics

Hrishant wanted a selfie with the Tracing Nepal bag
With Nit and Pranisha

DAY 130 : Scary Statistics

Date: 07/09/2014

I started the morning by blogging a few updates. Isn’t it so disturbing to know that every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide somewhere in the world? I watched a film once where one of the character talks about depression and suicide as the inability to construct a future. Hmm… the report comes from the recent comprehensive study by World Health Organization. Talking about Nepal, we lose an average of 15 Nepalis a day to suicide. We should have a 24 hour hotline where people can call to talk about their problems. Honestly, a problem shared is a problem halved. Keeping it all in is not the solution. Damn. Pheri we never know, the person who smiles the most and is cracking all those jokes might be the person hurting and suffering inside the most. It’s so difficult to really understand and find out what is happening and who is being affected in what way.

After I readied a few blog-posts and set it on ‘scheduled posts’, I headed out for the day! As usual I had to go pick up some stuff from a certain place – LOL. And then I stopped by Civil Mall before heading over to New Road to get my external hard drive fixed. A part of me died when I discovered that there was no way to recover all those photos and documents that was stored on the external hard drive. So weird. I got a new case and it still works. Just doesn’t have all those photos. Urgh. Do you ever have that kinda ‘rebirth’ feeling when you lose your phone or your laptop crashes on you and you feel like you’re starting all over again… new pictures, new music, new documents lol. I don’t trust that hard-drive anymore so I bought a new one. It’s a WD model, 1TB for Nrs 7600. Zzz – so much for let’s save money. Adios rupees!

I went to Thamel to buy some stuff and then made my way to Ninas in Maharajganj because I really wanted to eat a burger. Basically I am missing McDonalds. It was a very sad surprise to learn that Nina’s actually close on Sundays. Fortunately there was a new eatery in Saleways so SC and I ate there! The burger was nice but the momo was average. It lacked something. Maybe masala? Or salt? Hmm. I bumped into Niti Shah there… it was my first time meeting her. She’s so pretty!

We left Berrys and Dairy and headed over to Kaldi for coffee! I had invited Bijay and Hrishant to also join us. Twas nice – coffee and convo! We spoke about some new ideas and plans, encouraged each other, gave each other real feedback and stuff. Oh and Aryan Sigdel was also there. I hadn’t seen him since ages. Ahh I really liked watching him in Mero Euta Saathi Cha, First Love and Kohi Mero. Twas nice of him to come over and talk – I completely didn’t see him because I was sat there slouched after that burger, momo and frozen yoghurt.

And here I am… writing away! Got work tomorrow and quite a few things to do so ciao! Have a great week! Work hard, party harder – or play online games, sports or however you would reward yourself. Don’t be lazy. Don’t talk too much. Just do it and then talk. Okay? Cool. Bye. 

Project 365 - Day 129 : Eta Ra Uta

Bhat-Bhateni Kalanki
With the main man - Min Bahadur Gurung
At Karuna Natural Wears - Durbar Marg

DAY 129 : Eta Ra Uta

Date: 06/09/2014

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I just wanted to laze around and do nothing. But Hey, that’s not how life goes! I got up and had food and then rested for a bit before getting ready to go out to the new Bhat-Bhateni store in Kalanki. The Bhat-Bhateni story is truly inspiring and one that I hope will encourage many others right now and in the days to come. Seeing the amount of people at the store in Kalanki was overwhelming! Huge crowd, huge store, simply Bhat-Bhateni. It’s still my choice of department store and has always been. Oh SC came along with me – thank god – because Kalanki is quite far from where I live haha!
We headed over to Coffee Pasal in Durbar Marg because I wanted to show SC the place. I find Coffee Pasal quite high-end for a café! It’s got a nice ambience, décor, the AC is pretty good and the staff are very attentive. Coffee is coffee for me so yah!

After the caffeine fix we headed over to the Karuna store near Jai Nepal as today was its official launch as well. Karuna has some nice high-end made in Nepal wear. The store occupies the space very well and the staff there are friendly. I might be a little biased as my friend also works there haa.

SC wanted to buy the new Kathmandu book by Thomas Bell and I wanted to buy Eckhart Tolles Stillness Speaks so we headed over to Thamel. We spent quite some time at the Pilgrim Book Shop looking through different books. I ended up buying three books including Sold and The Greatness Guide. I can’t wait to read Stillness Speaks. I need an outlet right now and to refocus my mind and my energy. At times I feel like I’m losing my sense of self. Moving on.

We had Chinese at that place that I normally go to. Never fails me. We headed back to Annapurna where the car was parked and then went over to Kaldi for coffee where Bijay was waiting. Coffee and convo’ twas a good evening. I got home at 9PM. Ahh the day was halka ‘busy’ I suppose.

PS. The power keeps going off. I am not happy. Zzzz!

Project 365 - Day 128 : It's Going Down

With Roshni at ISIS

DAY 128 : It’s Going Down

Date: 05/09/2014

If you read yesterday’s post then you’ll know I ended up going to a club last night. I probably got home at around 2AM in the morning. Sheeet.

Well I woke up pretty early around 7.30AM and got ready to catch the 9.30AM screening of MARY KOM! Anything for Priyanka Chopra! We interns had planned this morning for quite some time now. The film was a powerful watch! What a week I’m having! USAID Nepal’s Resilience Summit was interesting, Dr Sirolli’s talk was encouraging and now the story of MC MARY KOM was just empowering! PC is just on another level. Sunil Thapa is great too! He is the strength behind PC in the film.

Okay so before I left the house this morning I couldn’t find my wallet but I still rushed out and caught a taxi to City Centre. Even while I was watching the film I desperately tried to remember the last time I had my wallet with me. I remember paying for the cab! Nrs 400! And then nothing. I couldn’t find it in my room this morning. I rushed back home after the film finished to search deeper in my room. By the way my room isn’t that big but there are a lot of drawers around, underneath and on the side of the bed. I managed to find my wallet eventually. I have no idea why I hid it underneath some random drawer. Lols.

I worked from home in the afternoon and then headed out to Durbar Marg at around 6PM in the evening. Tonight was the night out with the UK folks! Max and the crew, Roshni, Ismarika, Azyt, Pratik and Ashik! Ahh! We started off by heading out to MEZZE followed by Maya Pub, Factory and then ending up at OMG. Twas a good night! It feels nice to be in the presence of the people I spent quite some amount of time with back in London.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. 

Project 365 - Day 127 : Higher Studies?

Bumped into few of you at the talk
Enterprise Facilitation by Dr Ernesto Siroli - thanks Youth Legend for the event!
FroYo after work with Astha and Namita
This is where we had lunch - dyam good.

DAY 127 : Higher Studies?

Date: 04/09/2014

I got to work pretty early today but even before I got there I stopped by Hessed to buy some cupcakes and donut to make up for a missed breakfast. The cupcake was very err filling! Maybe I shouldn’t have started the day off like that because by 11.30AM, I felt very fat. I know… it was only a cupcake and a donut.

Even after the fattening cupcake and donut we went for what became – quite a heavy lunch in Pulchowk. We went to this very local place in Damkal and had these fried sausage in a stick, aloo and burgers, it was damn good and definitely worth going to! Very affordable too lol. You can guess the state of us once we got back to work – basically, everyone felt so lethargic and we just wanted to have an afternoon nap!

After we finished with work we decided to go and have some FroYo – Frozen Yoghurt basically! I had never been to the FroYo place in Uttar Dhoka so I kind of wanted to try it out once anyway. The FroYo was real nice! We finished it off quickly and dashed to Hotel Mandap in Thamel to attend the talk by Dr Ernesto Siroli. I only came to know of the event yesterday after seeing somebody share the poster on Twitter and then I quickly watched his TED Talk video on YouTube and decided that I’d make time and attend his talk. What’s there to lose aye?

I was pretty glad that I went along with the interns to the talk. It focused a lot about entrepreneurship and how to start off and all. It was nice to see a turn-out of many young folks there too!

When I was revising for my final exams on my last year of my university, all I thought about was doing the bloody exam, getting it done and getting out of university and the whole education system and all. I did not enjoy my first year at all and when I think back now, I blame myself. I didn’t give myself the opportunity to try to understand what was happening. At 18, I probably was a little too stubborn and felt that I could progress well without university. Maybe… maybe not… Right NOW – I am quite drawn towards pursuing a master’s degree! I know that I can and I want to as well. If I want to pursue a career in international development then I think I ‘need’ to as well. I really want to study in Amrika!! Actually, no. If I go to Amrika, there wouldn’t be much studying. I’d probably settle for London or the outskirts. But thinking about masters is another big-ass hassle! The money! I do not want to ask my parents. I’d have to work for few years and then study… this just delays quite a few things I want to get done before the age of 25. Ermagerd.

Coming back to tonight… hearing Dr Siroli’s talk was pretty encouraging! He talked about how education doesn’t really teach you the lessons that you need and all. Hmm but he has Dr. as his title lol. Anyways’ we’ll leave that aside ;)

I left and met some other friends and we headed out for a karaoke night! It was pretty fun! Don’t judge me but I ended up at Club OMG. I know. My life right now feels like a freshmen in university. Oh well, we only live once! Work hard. Party hard.

Oh and the DJ played Work Bitch by Britney Spears (without requesting) – I better work. 

Project 365 - Day 126 : Feeling Lazy...

Im such a shit-head for not taking my camera! Here's a shitty iPhone capture!

DAY 126 : Feeling Lazy…

Date: 03/09/2014

I got up earlier than usual this morning! I attended the USAID Nepal’s Resilience Summit at the Yak and Yeti in the morning. The event lasted from 10AM-12PM. Twas my first time going to an event like that and when I got the invitation I was like, Hey Why Not? The US Ambassador to Nepal announced three new projects worth a lot of million dollars to make the communities here more resilient to natural disasters etc.

Gagan Thapa was also at the event! He spoke about this other campaign called Livable Kathmandu which sounds pretty fascinating. I want to know more about that so let’s see if I manage to do some external reading on it.

After the summit I rushed to work. I actually had a quick lunch at Yak and Yeti but I still ate with the interns. I can never say no to momos. Damn.

I rushed home after work as I had planned to get changed into something more comfortable and head back to New Road to fix a few things and then meet Max and the lot in Thamel for some casual mid-week drinks – LOL. That didn’t happen. Basically I thought it’d be good of me to have dinner at home and then head out but that just resulted in me feeling very lazy and it was already dark and I was like ‘meh’, Imma stay in tonight. I did exactly that.