Saturday, 25 April 2015

Project 365 - Day 359 : Lost in Layers

DAY 359 : Lost in Layers

Date: 24/04/2015

With my parents gone and having spent the entire day and night at home today - day 359 - I feel a bit misplaced. I believe I am at the tip of a new adventure but with the way things work here, you know, that relaxed pace... I don't quite feel like I am moving. That I believe is the biggest uh-oh moment, when you feel stagnant. 

Guess I have to hone my skills in waiting. 

One by one, dinner and Friday night get-together plans also got cancelled... there'll be a next time, who knows, maybe a better time too. Now focusing on the positive - I managed to blog quite a few posts and get this '' blog back on track. I sometimes ask myself why on earth I decided to start this daily blog... it's quite a challenge, especially once you start missing out and then you suddenly have a backlog of 10-15 or even 25 posts you have to clear out. Having said that, I'v done it for 358 days - of course some days I wrote a lot and some days were exclusive to a few words... probably how I felt. I've put my life out on the online world but then again, there are more things I've kept to myself.

Life is a series of adjustments you make, layers you peel off and some layers you want to remain lost in. The journey has been fascinating so far; to assess peoples observations, assumptions, expectations and to generally be around humans. As I grow, as I become confident in losing a layer or two, I wonder if what I have right now will remain... if they will still view this online personality in the same way. We tend to construct our own version of a person who we don't know and we hope that they will live up to our imagination. As I slowly find my way out of the layer, I hope the idea of the people remain. The support that has been shown may be challenged but I will be at my best form and ready to take one for the team. If my action can give hope and inspire others, then I will do what is required. 

Will there ever be a right time for now I find myself lost in layers...

Friday, 24 April 2015

Project 365 - Day 358 : Changing Decisions

DAY 358 : Changing Decisions

Date: 23/04/2015

I informed the team about my withdrawal from the Dolpa trip in the morning but by the afternoon – the decision was changed and we were back in! Let’s do this… but then we haven’t even bought our tickets to Surkhet and beyond. Let’s see how this is handled.

I applied for an MRP this morning and surprisingly the whole process was very efficient and quick! Got it done between 10.30 – 12.00. I should get it within a week… let’s hope they’ll save it for a while, especially if I do end up going to Dolpa. Lol.

The last thing I need is my passport to be lost just before I head back to the UK. Haha!

Parents flew back to the UK this evening... I love them. I look forward to rejoining the family in London soon.

I also met my old-school friend Parsid at the airport. So lovely to see her :)

Project 365 - Day 357 : Back To Basic!

DAY 357 : Back To Basic!

Date: 22/04/2015

So we have this huge planned adventure ahead – a trek to Upper Dolpa – which at this moment in time looks like it’s not going to happen due to financial difficulties. I’ve given myself till tomorrow morning to think over it. We shall have to wait and see for the best outcome.

Other than that… I spent the time at home.

Project 365 - Day 356 : Moments That Inspire

DAY 356 : Moments That Inspire

Date: 21/04/2015

We returned back to Kathmandu today. My parents flew back and forth whilst Chandrika and I bus’ed it there and back. I enjoy spending a few days out there and living a lifestyle quite lavish – I guess that’s why they call it a holiday! To me, these mini-breaks drive me to work harder, work smarter and aim for a bigger piece of the pie. It’s pretty motivating haha! I always admire the hotel property and think of the people who started it and what they went through etc. Inspiring.

Moving on – another inspiring property we visited for dinner in the evening was Dwarika’s, the heritage hotel listed as one of the most expensive hotel in Kathmandu. We had a family dinner with my grandma and Chandrika at the Toran restaurant. The food was strictly average but the surrounding and the d├ęcor had plenty to keep my mum occupied.

Project 365 - Day 355 : Still

DAY 355 : Still.

Date: 20/04/2015

So pleased to spend this moment with my parents here.

Project 365 - Day 354 : Back to Chitwan!

DAY 354 : Back to Chitwan!

Date: 19/04/2015

Holiday Mode ON!

Barahi Jungle Lodge :D

Project 365 - Day 353 : Back To Reality!

DAY 353 : Back To Reality!

Date: 18/04/2015

Chill day catching up with e-mails, blogs and swapping photos.