Monday, 17 November 2014

Project 365 - Day 201 : OMG - More Plans!!!

DAY 201 : OMG - More Plans!!!

Date: 17/11/2014

So lets start with the highlight… I received some good news. It involves travelling and seeing more of Nepal. I hope this works out. So stoked.

I went to work today and that was good. Lol.

Ugh isn’t it so annoying when you want to share but you want to stay tight-lipped as you want to let it happen naturally and you also kind of fear the ‘plan’ not happening. Well that’s me right now.

I had pani-puri, chatpatey and momo for lunch. Honestly, this is the life. I don’t know how I will adjust to life back in the UK. Sakil and I were talking last night and he asked if I was really returning back to the UK because I apparently seem so settled here with my life in Nepal. That’s right. I do feel very settled and I feel like I can continue living here but I know I must go back… I must go back to the UK, study more, become more experienced, learn and earn more because I have a long way to go before I feel ready to come back and give it my all.

Before I return… I would like to leave a piece of me here. The idea is at its very early stages but I am already excited. Ugh. Too many things going on.

I went to Mandala Street to buy some warm gear for the travel to Dobate Ilam, Nepalgunj and Rara Lake. I bought this jacket by these Rai brothers called RAIKO and it’s pretty nice. So warm.

Shristi and Astik came over to the caffice. She had her cousin brother’s birthday dinner to attend; we also went. Lol.

Home. The End Of DAY 201.

Project 365 - Day 200 : RARA On The Floor

DAY 200 : RARA On The Floor

Date: 16/11/2014

Okay. Sunday.


Blog/Work from the new caffice. Bought few magazines because I thought why not… and had soup for dinner at La Dolce Vita. Because I wasn’t feeling like eating.

Oh wait.

I woke up this morning and there was RARA Chau chau all over the carpet and on my bed. Just shows how much of a state I was in last night. I called everyone up to put the pieces of the night together. Oh boy. Looks like I got “London drunk”. Nobody should ever see that side of me. Hahahahaha! Oh well. YOLO! #Ratchet

And then I went home and fell asleep.

Project 365 - Day 199 : Ayla Saturday!!

DAY 199 : Ayla Saturday!!

Date: 15/11/2014

So the morning and afternoon was spent at home… just blogging.

I got picked up around 5.30PM to attend the MIGME Prize Giving ceremony near Hattisar. Unfortunately the Kathmandu traffic was playing up pretty well so we only got to the venue at around 6.50PM. MIGME, a new social networking website which is quite popular in South Asian countries had hosted an evening where MIGME users who had referred the most members, get awarded prizes including few bikes, TV, mobile, PS4 and more! Honestly even I was like… damn. Where’s my prize yo!

The event had several figures in attendance including the rockstar Abhaya Subba, Neelam Chand, Manas Ghale and more. I left with Neelam and Hrishant pretty quick. I later learned that Namrata Shrestha also dropped by the event after she finished attending the Classic Diamond Show.

I didn’t attend the Classic show tonight but I did manage to make it for the last few minutes of the press conference with Sushmita Sen at the Annapurna! Damn! I really should’ve gone earlier. Zzzz. Oh well. She looked beautiful. Malvika Subba looked beautiful too!

I can be such a bad influence. I said “tonight will never come again” to lure a few to head over to Thamel and party! It was such a good night and I think it’s because we had some local ayla! We never normally drink that.

We were heading over to Factory to attend Tattaunai Parcha but the music from Buddha Bar had us distracted so we stopped by. The crowd there were so warm and I had so much fun dancing with the people there and also dancing in the kitchen… ahh only in Nepal aye! We went to Factory for literally 4 minutes – stayed because Sream and Shout was playing and then left for ISIS + OMG. Where we belong.

And as they say… the night was unforgettable. Well. Unfortunately I forgot most of what happened but that’s that. Lol.

Tonight was another night where I convinced myself that I am going home. Damn. I hate turning up home at around 3AM and waking my family members up to open the gate and the door. Zzzz. I need to create an underground tunnel.

Project 365 - Day 198 : Glam Friday Evening!

DAY 198 : Glam Friday Evening!

Date: 14/11/2014

Ahh Friday!

Another glorious Friday has arrived. We kick started the morning by watching JERRYY, first day first show at a packed Civil Mall screen. The film entertains. I’ve written about the film over on the main blog – feel free to read.

I dashed home after the film… because why not eh, why not.

I was pretty excited to attend the Classic Diamond Jewellers Timeless Paragon Jewellery Fashion Show at Hotel Annapurna! It was my first time attending a fashion show in Nepal. Actually I’ve never attended a fashion show. The event was pretty interesting and the highlight, seeing the people I know on stage – Malvika Subba, Shristi Shrestha, Aastha Pokharel, Anjali Lama and more. Of course Sushmita Sen was the highlight too. I have written about the jewellery fashion show over on the main blog.

I was so hungry after the show that we dashed to KFC for some munchies! We’ve got a new hang-out in Thamel so we were there before heading out to the “second home” lol. It was a fun evening… like always! I make sure I have a good time. Haha!

I returned to my own place. Crashing over at a friends is – too much effort.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Project 365 - Day 197 : Watching FURY

DAY 197 : Watching FURY

Date: 13/11/2014

Today was quite a messy day…

I had it all planned then I decided to skip a few things out. I went and met a friend to watch FURY with. The film which stars Brad Pitt and a host of other well-known actors was quite a good watch. It’s a war film and I guess it released just in-time to mark the Remembrance Day too. It is so sad to realise and remember the amount of people that lost their lives, livelihood and how history changed because of the wars. We should try our best to remember them always.

After the film I had to go and pick a few things up… lol… nothing dodgy. I went to Nawal followed by Kupondol. It was only after running the city, my friend and I headed to the Chinese place for lunch. Very filling. Just the right place!

I headed out to the ring-road to meet Bijay… talking work and various things.

Twas an especially early night tonight. Got home around 7PM and then viber’d the family back home.

Mum would not stop talking… one of the most important things right now for her is how she can display her date of birth on Facebook without revealing her age to her friends. It’s her birthday on Sunday and I think she’s after ‘Happy Birthday posts’ from her virtual friends. Oh how amusing she is.

Project 365 - Day 196 : Most Unproductive Day EVER

DAY 196 : Most Unproductive Day EVER

Date: 12/11/2014

Since things overran last night, Nawal came over and crashed at my place. Twas like old times, circa 2011 era! Lol.

By the time we left the house – we were running late and since the power on his phone was running low and he had no idea where to meet Sakil for the shoot; I had to tag along and guide him to the location of the shoot. Sakil is coming up with SUSHREE, make-up for bride-to-be’s and they had the photo-shoot for that today. I hope it will be the first and last for me because it was long. We got there around 1.25PM and we were still there at 7PM. Shristi was the face for the shoot.

I should’ve dropped Nawal off there and left and got some work done. Oh priorities. I don’t know why I’m behaving as if I’ve nothing to do. Well today was the best example of that. Moving on. Once the shoot wrapped up – we went over to Thamel to grab some food and drinks.

It wasn’t a late night.

A #wrap 

Project 365 - Day 195 : Ramailo!

With the babes!
With the babes!

DAY 195 : Ramailo!

Date: 11/11/2014

People I met today: SVS. PS. Rapoholic. Nawal. Bivit. Veemall dai. Mala and Diwas.
Places: Caffice. Factory.
Highlight: Having that kebab, split between four people.

Feelings: Ramailo