Friday, 31 October 2014

Project 365 - Day 183 : Rebirth

DAY 183 : Rebirth

Date: 30/10/2014

The pipal tree near my house is completely naked.

I feel bad.

Project 365 - Day 182 : O My God

DAY 182 : O My God

Date: 29/10/2014

I’ve been working out of the office for the past few days since there’s a few things going on at the office which is making it unable for us interns to be there right now. I found this other café with amazing internet speed so I’ve been going there for the past few days now.

Before I got to the “caffice”, I had to meet my mums friends daughter to pass over something. Much of the day was spent at the caffice, writing and what not. Eventually I headed over to Sakil’s new store BLISS in Durbar Marg where I also met Bivit. We were there to take photos and all – BLISS will be blogged over on

I have really bad skin. So Sakil played make-up and made me spotless; kinda look like an emotionless mannequin too. Haha!

Whilst we waited for Sakil to wrap up, B and I also went over and got some food at KFC.

Bivit left. Sakil and I headed to the regular places for a drink or two. Shristi and Astik also joined. Next thing you know we were joined by few more familiar faces… and then bang – we ended up in a club! There were a lot of familiar people out tonight. Twas very ramailo!

Project 365 - Day 181 : Caffice Day

DAY 181 : Caffice Day

Date: 28/10/2014

I was at the “caffice” all day today…

I had called up World Link as I wanted to install their ‘fastest internet service’ the FiberZoom at home but apparently their coverage does not reach where I live. Fuck shit fuck.

I got the 10GB unlimited internet for my phone today… normally I only get the 5GB pack but even that isn’t enough. I tend to use my phone as a personal hotspot and use internet on my laptop through the phone so I think that totally eats up a lot of data! But this NCELL internet is so much faster than the NTC ADSL that we have at home. Ugh the struggles! TBH that’s my biggest struggle here – internet. Aru ta I am completely cool with…

Bivit came around 5 something to get something signed and since we both didn’t have any plans, we headed over to Buddha Bar for some food then to the usual few bars for a drink. Bijay and friend were nearby too so we went over to join them for a drink!

That was it. 

Project 365 - Day 180 : Bleh Kinda Day

DAY 180 : Bleh Kinda Day

Date: 27/10/2014

That awkward moment when I was trying to call someone but pressing the digits on the calculator app and thinking why the fuck the 0 wasn’t pressing. Yep today was that kind of day.

I realised that we would not be able to go to Sablakhu village for Tracing Nepal 2015 as they will have their final year examinations around that time – April’ish. So that was kind of unexpected. Few other things that are on the cards do not seem as possible as they did yesterday. I just need to figure out an alternative approach I guess.

I left home to meet Prashant K who’s returning to the UK tomorrow and had to wait for over 30 minutes by myself at MEZZE. Just when I thought I’ll order and start eating away, PK arrived and we talked about and over various things, projects, people, ideas. Twas worth waiting for.

I headed home after. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Project 365 - Day 179 : The Beginning of The End

DAY 179 : The Beginning of The End

Date: 26/10/2014

Today was the final upload day of our Tracing Nepal journey!

I met up with Bivit at 10AM at Java in Thamel to find a good café with a very strong wifi to upload the video! We wanted to go to Mahabir Dai Ko Café but it wasn’t open. We got it done from PLACES restaurant. It’s a super nice place, very chilled, laidback but the only problem – for me – is that it’s vegetarian. Lol.

Anyways’ we got the video uploaded from there and we headed to Mahabir Dai Ko Café for lunch. By 1PM the café was open and back to business! Joy! I am actually happy to see the end of Dashain and Tihar! Lol. Don’t hate me for saying that.

We left around 5PM and I met up with TS for coffee! TS had a few things to get done so I joined along. I also took TS to the caffice just to show my regular joints in the city.

I got home at 8PM.



Project 365 - Day 178 : Unwanted Silence

DAY 178 : Unwanted Silence

Date: 25/10/2014

Even though I only got home around 3.30AM, I woke up pretty early. I have a habit of singing out loud and literally going to each room and waking the family members up, pulling back the duvet, playing songs really loud and just trying to create as much disturbance as possible… well that was back in the UK. It sucks that I don’t have my family right here and I do miss them very much when I am at home, surrounded by silence… I miss hearing parents discussing “lu timro chora ta aaja bahulayecha” and various comments that the parents used to throw here and there. I’ve made a few friends here since I came to Nepal and I think I pretty much exceed the limit in annoying them. Lol. I tell them, you’re blessed to see this crazy side which very few ever get to see.

I didn’t want to be home at all but I wanted to stay home. Katti chahi baira jane. Unfortunately I didn’t stay home. Around 2.30PM – the day had felt like two days in one and I escaped. Thank god for Bivit. I got a cab at 2.50PM and by 3.15PM we got to the screening of Stupid Mann at Kumari Cinema. The film was so and so but it was nice to see few familiar faces… the Nepali dais that I had met in Phuket, Thailand also have few roles in the film. BTW Stupid Mann is filmed in Thailand.

After that – B and I went to Northfield Café for dinner. That place never fails. Twas really busy as it was Bhai Tika and I think they were short of staff.

He went off to watch the Arsenal game and I called it a night.

Project 365 - Day 177 : Deusi Bhailo



DAY 177 : Deusi Bhailo

Date: 24/10/2014

I went to a Deusi Bhailo karyakram with my boju today. It was by Thechambu Kabeli Sewa Samaj. Even though I was dead bored, I sat through it all and didn’t complain because boju was having a nice time meeting people from her village. I was a little surprised to see boju as the only elder in the gathering… maybe the other boju and bajey’s are in the village or maybe they aren’t here anymore. Hmm…

Sakil’s off to Hong Kong tomorrow so we met up in Thamel in the evening. I haven’t been out for a while… so we made a night of it. We also bumped into Shristi and Subeksha followed by few more familiar faces of the city.

Twas a really good night and I made it back home safely.