Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Project 365 - Day 160 : Talking Rekha Thapa and Bollywood

DAY 160 : Talking Rekha Thapa and Bollywood

Date: 07/10/2014

So not a lot is happening right now but few things have happened which is enough for me to base this daily blog-post on.

First off – I met up with Subodh and made him talk me through his recent trek to Ghorepani and Poon Hill. I am so annoyed that I did nothing in Dashain and just stayed home like a potato. I should’ve just followed my instinct and gone to Langtang.

Nawal and I caught the 2.20PM show of Rekha Thapa’s HIMMATWALI at Gopi Krishna and thank goodness we got there early at around 1.50PM because by the time it was 2.20PM the hall was pretty packed. And it’s Gopi Krishna, even though we were sat near a fan, it was getting pretty hot. I think I leaned back a little too much because I think I broke the hinge of the seat. My bad. I enjoyed HIMMATWALI very much. Rekha Thapa is just amazing! Hats off for doing such movies where she’s not playing the lovey dovey character but she’s playing a woman who kicks ass, kicks womens ass/mens ass and everybody’s ass! I feel like she’s the Salman Khan of Nepal, her action scenes are jpt but with her audience, it works! And I believe I am her audience because the funny fight scenes and over-the-top acting by Miss Thapa totally did it for me. I will write a longer post about HIMMATWALI over on lexlimbu.com

Nawal and I met Sakil after the film and then Pooja! We headed to Irish Pub for a drink before calling it a night. We met Subodh there again. Oh and we spontaneously went to KFC afterwards #wildnight #totally

I also came to learn that Aamir Khan arrived in Nepal today whilst I was watching the film and tweeted/Facebooked the info! He’s here as a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador and will apparently head to Terai/Lumbini tomorrow. I believe he will be returning after two days.

Oh another cool thing happened recently. So the team who were in charge of the publicity and media had sent out a press invite for the press conference of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film HAPPY NEW YEAR and the SLAM concert which took place in London’s o2 Arena on Sunday. I normally get the media invite for various Bollywood related events that this particular media group handles and when I saw the invite on my inbox and saw that SRK, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and more will be there too, I was pretty ecstatic! I knew just the right person to represent me and sent her a message asking if she’d like to go and represent ‘lexlimbu.com’ at the event in London. She happily obliged as she is one of the biggest SRK fans I know and she was also instrumental in helping me meet Priyanka Chopra back in 2012. Now I know that the upcoming post about SRK’s HAPPY NEW YEAR film on lexlimbu.com will freak out the over sensitive bunch and they’ll start going off on one saying, “omg why always writing about Bollywood” and it’s so ridiculous that people even write that when more than 90% of the blog-posts are all Nepal based and related. It’s even more amusing that the people who normally write such comments never really comment when there is a post about Nepali films/music etc. but as soon as a Bollywood/India/Indian related thing appears it’s like all hell breaks loose. Amusing and silly. LOL.

The Tracing Nepal poster and teaser will be uploaded on youtube tomorrow! I am excited! I am also planning a trip with a friend in late November. Far-west. I’ll leave you guessing.


PS. I am really gutted that Red Panda Conservation Nepal project (Red Panda Network) didn't win the EOCA voting! If it had, then it would've won a grant from the organisation which would've supported the conservation efforts to better the present situation of the endangered red pandas. Apparently the winning project won by 260 votes. 260... Ermagerd. I'm out.

Project 365 - Day 159 : Homebody

DAY 159 : Homebody

Date: 06/10/2014

I can’t believe that I’ve stayed in since Friday… well I have gone down to chowk and up to Budhanilkantha but I haven’t entered the ring-road or frequented my regular hotspots! Lol. I nearly feel like a different person. I feel like the old me, the person from the UK who just spent a lot of time at home.

Moving to Kathmandu and finding this huge social life where every night is starting to feel like a Friday night brings me back a lot of first year fresher memories from university. It’s nice but at times it can be tiring. Unlike in London, meeting up is so easy here. A friend calls and invites you over and in twenty/thirty minutes, you’re there. It wouldn’t be this easy in London, especially when you factor in train times, getting ready, getting home and everything! The weather is also another key player in all of this. Anyways I am enjoying this because I know this won’t last.

I spent quite a lot of the day just watching youtube videos and watching things that had been shared on my inbox. The video ‘Teenagers reach to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video’ was hilarious!

Hopefully I’ll make more of the day tomorrow.


Monday, 6 October 2014

Project 365 - Day 158 : Another Day at Home

DAY 158 : Another Day at Home

Date: 05/10/2014

Nawal left in the morning and Bivit arrived at my place to do the Tracing Nepal voice-over. I am quite worried regarding how the videos will come out… even when I was doing the voice-over I got sick of hearing myself. Damn, I have such an annoying voice. A dead-tone too! Haha! Oh well!

We’re aiming to have the first video by Sunday October 12th. We will have three videos, uploading every Sunday around 2PM Nepali Time. That would be 9.15AM in the UK. Hopefully you guys will be able to watch it, I hope you do.

I tried my best to catch up with online messages and blogs. I wrote a blog-post about Rekha Thapa’s HIMMATWALI doing business of Nrs 1 crore 25 lakhs and there are some very amusing comments. I of course, haven’t and do not get paid to write such posts, only if it’s club party promotions then there will be money involved. Other thing is, why are people shocked that the film did a business of that. Have people forgotten how much Chapali Height grossed in its opening weekend. Also, Kathmandu or let’s be specific, the cinemas aren’t as dead as what people think. When I went to watch Bang Bang, the screen was near to selling out! Haider which I thought would not bring in the crowd, also managed to run with quite a good occupancy. And we have to realize that there are still a LOT of people that happily go to watch films done by Rekha Thapa, Biraj Bhatta and various other actors, let’s say ‘traditional Nepali actors’ doing the films that some of us cannot even imagine watching. Anyways’ I can’t wait to go watch Himmatwali but I think I’ll wait it out. I don’t want to sit on the stairs and watch it.

I went down to chowk to have some chatpatey and quickly met up with a friend. Since there was nothing to do in the chowk, we drove to Budhanilkantha and just walked around and had coffee at some road-side place. The stretch of road from Bansbari to Budhanilkantha is pretty nice. I want to walk up to the chhorten stupa! I think I’ll drag SC along with me tomorrow or maybe the day after. Herum!

It feels weird to be staying in… feels like I’ve been home for a lifetime now. Lol.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Project 365 - Day 157 : Busy Kathmandu Please!

DAY 157 : Busy Kathmandu Please!

Date: 04/10/2014

I managed to clear the backlog of blog-posts for justlexlimbu.com and now I am finally back on track! Phew! I really need to stick to one blog-post a day and actually write it at the end of the actual day or at least by the following day. Zzzz. It’s quite challenging to keep up with this one blog post a day ‘project’.

Other than that everything is going fine… boju’s health isn’t doing her any favours and she’s not taking the news of a relative baje’s passing away too well. We learned the unfortunate news last night when I called Sinam to wish maiju and the family a Happy Dashain. I had met Sadubari baje and boju in May, baje seemed pretty fit and fine. Hmm. Boju keeps saying she’s next now… it’s so worrying. I don’t want to be old… does that make sense.

I went down to chowk to buy some essentials, that was when I got a call from Nawal asking if I was up for watching Haider. I said ‘No’ and was pretty stuck on my decision until he mentioned he’d be going alone. I was like urgh fine I’ll come. I rushed home and rushed out thinking I could still get a tempo – lol – I couldn’t. FML. Anyway’s I reached Civil Mall an hour early so I had momos and killed time on my phone. Priyanka was also there to watch Bang Bang – we met briefly. Nawal came just in time for the film… egh. Ratty timing.

The film was pretty good! It was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The acting is brilliant by all of the cast, especially Shahid Kapoor. By the time we finished and got outside it was 10.45PM. We couldn’t find any taxis outside Civil Mall. It was only when we walked to Jamal we got a taxi for the price we agreed. Ugh.

Honestly, I want Kathmandu to get back to normal and cars/tempos/buses to ply the streets again. I can’t be doing with this dead city.

Anyways’ I’ve a few things to get done before tomorrow comes.


Project 365 - Day 156 : Dashain Sashain

The bainis hogging their laptop
Boju - before she went to visit another boju and bajey
Maiju picking some ambak

DAY 156 : Dashain Sashain

Date: 03/10/2014

Today is the day of tika!

I actually didn’t do anything Dashain like today… if eating meat means Dashain then I guess we had Dashain here in the household. We have jutho from both sides, Pandhak and Thebe so there’s no tika. Us Pandhak’s have jutho more or less every year. I don’t even remember when the last time we had tika on our foreheads was. And the thing is we have no idea who actually passed away, even my dad will only have a faint idea of the person in the village.

We argue all the time about Dashain at home back in the UK. Today I spent the whole day on the laptop. Not a bad day. I look forward to Christmas more. Then again this year’s Christmas will probably be a little weird. I will miss the Christmas in the UK, that nice cold weather, Christmas tree, presents and the whole family having holidays at the same time. This is where we kinda fall back on – I’m talking in the context of my family here – we never took on such celebrations with a huge importance and we’d easily go to school/uni/work over Dashain tika etc and in doing that I feel we are negotiating with our cultural identity. I can write more but it's better I don't. Dashain becomes less important and after a year, you get used to not having Dashain at all. I know and I have seen many celebrate Dashain and Tihar lavishly all over the world and when I see their photos I’m just like wow. Hmm anyways’ let’s leave it there.

I didn’t write about it on Tuesday but I really wasn’t feeling myself that day and I knew I would’ve just felt worse had I stayed home so I chose to go out. Chose to block it out and lose myself into the darkness of the night; the loudness of the music that would easily fade the voices of my head away.

Hmm… my sister mentioned that she noticed that I had become grumpy since I came to Nepal. I was at home when she said that. I just want to shut myself off at home. Outside of these four walls and the compound is where I’ll try my best to be talkative, be friendly, chatty and all but when I’m here I just want to be in my own room and not bother with anyone and feel like I have to talk to people… It was a different case being at home back in the UK. It’s different now. And maybe I have become grumpy or am easily angered. I need to think less sometimes. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure for me to do something and even I myself am just figuring things out, half of the times – learning about myself… Hmmm. I just hope that through the course of the year I become closer to the person I aim to be and when I do return to my family, I am that same old son and same old brother, hopefully just better than the last version they saw.

Project 365 - Day 155 : Northfield Cafe Food!!

The bainis gave me this for bringing the food over last night. Aw.
Durbar Marg in the evening
Nariwal doing the Rekha Thapa pose
Nawal ra ma.
Sakil and me. Damn I don't know whats happening with my nose n teary eye.

DAY 155 : Northfield Café Food!!

Date: 02/10/2014

Nawal came over to meet maiju, boju and bainis around the afternoon and stuck around for a while. We left together for Durbar Marg to meet Sakil to watch Bang Bang. We actually wanted to watch Haider but Sakil really wanted to see Bang Bang so we just kinda gave in. Oh, I’ve been meaning to see Himmatwali since yesterday but I haven’t found anyone to go with… I will go alone but I shall let the hype settle! I heard the cinemas are running SUPER DUPER PACKED. After all – it is a Rekha Thapa film! Unfortunately, Himmatwali isn’t being screened in the multiplex cinemas. 

We nearly forked out Nrs 400 to get to Durbar Marg! Hardly any public transportation on the road at the moment. Kathmandu is wearing a clean deserted look. Thankfully two tempos rolled by and we saved a lot of money by taking the public.

The BANG BANG screening was nearly sold out! Packed seats all over. Manita also joined us. The film was the typical high-budget Bollywood film, global locations, action, pretty girl (Katrika Kaif) and the predictable storyline. The highlight of the film for me was the song Tu Meri, quite catchy and amazing choreography and dance by Hrithik Roshan. The film was too long. Zzzz.

After leaving the cinema we wanted to go to the regular Chinese place but that was closed. So disappointing. We headed over to Northfield Café for dinner. None of us had been there but Manita had been told by a friend that the restaurant was pretty good. We followed that friend’s advice.

With it being Dashain, I think the restaurant was short-staffed and surprisingly all the non-Nepalis seemed to be there. Very touristy. We ordered our food and waited for about an hour. I am sure they had forgotten about our order. Once the food arrived, we forgot about the wait because it was delicious! I had Kathmandu Chicken and that came with boiled vegatables and mashed potatoes – it really reminded me of TGIFridays in London. Of course not the same but the portions and the chicken and the dressing! I am definitely going back. Sakil had ordered a BBQ chicken pizza and even that too was very nice.

Anyways’ after dinner we headed home. There was a really nice taxi driver who only charged us NRS 450 to go to my house and to have Nawal and Manita dropped off along the way. I gave him extra money. The driver before had asked for Nrs 800.

LOL. Adios amigo! 

Project 365 - Day 154 : Overload

DAY 154 : Overload

Date: 01/10/2014


It’s 1st of October already! The first of the month is always a big day for me… I arrived in Kathmandu on the 1st of May and now that’s five months in Nepal over and done with. I have seven months left. Thinking like this always make me feel like I am running out of time and I need to do more, more and more. Then again sometimes I don’t quite know what I need to do! Anyways’ cant share everything. Haha!

I got home around 11.30AM in the morning and just blogged my way through. I honestly need to do something with the blog. It needs a face-lift and I also need to really go through all my messages because everything keeps piling up. I wish it was as easy as replying to someone and saying thank you but the messages that I receive comes attached with viewing videos, hearing songs, reading articles and it’s all very time consuming. It’s wonderful because half of the times, it’s the people that make the blog function with what they share but at the end of the day, it’s only me going through it all and I’m sure many a times, I miss quite a few things. There’s Facebook page message inbox, two inboxes on the Facebook profile and e-mails. Damn.

I decided to stay home tonight even though Nawal had called asking if I was interested to go watch a film and out in the evening to chill.

I thought it would be a great idea for me to get momos and various food for the bainis, maiju and boju at home. I went down to chowk to see the restaurant was actually shut. I got a tempo to Chakrapath and ordered quite a few things and took it home with me. I definitely over-ordered. I couldn’t even finish a plate of momo. Zzzz.

I continued reading messages, writing a few blog-posts here and there and catching up with the happenings globally.

Over and out.